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  • Healing, sticky energy within


Théun, can I ask you about healing? I often encounter in my patients a sticky energy that clings to the spine of the patient, and it is very difficult to get rid of it. What is this energy?


Most healers are familiar with this sticky energy. It is mostly caused by FOREIGN fibres in a person's luminous cocoon, fibres that belong to a living person with whom the person concerned is having, or has had, a strong emotional battle. What makes it sticky is the EMOTIONAL CHARGE locked up within these foreign fibres, and this is why I so often tease people about their emotional reactions being much like a soggy-gooey mess! LOL!

Invoking the White Light will help somewhat, but these fibres will never truly be banished until the event which brought them into being is fully recapitulated and resolved. By this I am NOT implying that the White Light is limited in its power, but you must realise that the White Light is a state of consciousness, not awareness, CONSCIOUSNESS, and as such is an extremely powerful force in terms of PROTECTION, but not all that good in terms of healing! Many healers, especially faith healers, DO call upon the White Light, but whether they are aware of it or not, the only aid derived from the White Light is in assisting the healer to utilise his or her INTENT in RE-ALIGNING and UNBLOCKING the electro-magnetic centres of the physical body! This alone is more often than not enough to assist the physical body in healing itself! Yet, unless the CAUSE of the illness is addressed, sooner or later the disease will manifest once again.