Tarot, the, the Fool in from Warriors' Experience

  • Tarot, the, the Fool in
  • Unknown, the, embracing
  • Unknown, the, nature of


One of my greatest fears with regards to the New is that I might not be eligible for it, that I might not have the necessary wherewithal to comprehend it.


LOL! None of us, my friend, are ever truly eligible for the New, because how can we be? The New implies the UNKNOWN, but how can we ever be eligible for the Unknown until we enter it? And then once in the Unknown, if it truly IS the Unknown, none of us have the wherewithal needed to comprehend it! You see, my friend, the Unknown is NOT something out there that one day comes knocking on our door. Instead the Unknown is something that simply comes UPON us when we least expect it, and when it does we FIGHT like all hell to surf that wave and to find within ourselves an UNDER-STANDING of that wave, for not to do so means being tumbled and drowned by that wave! This is the very meaning of being a warrior!

The warrior is ALWAYS waiting, and he KNOWS what he is waiting for - he is waiting for his fleeting moment of chance to seize his gap to freedom! But no warrior ever knows WHEN that moment will come, or in what GUISE it will appear! The only thing the warrior CAN do is to peel the potatoes as IMPECCABLY as he can, whilst TRUSTING that his heart will guide him WHEN that moment comes! :)

What will help you greatly with this is to study the Tarot Card number ZERO, termed The Fool. The number ZERO marks INFINITE POTENTIAL; the term "fool" pertains to the Court Jester, the Bard, the most TRUSTED member of a King's court! Learn to travel LIGHT like The Fool, for The Fool is LIGHT made manifest!