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  • Prepare, meaning of
  • Happiness, versus joy and freedom
  • Personal History, erasing, nature of
  • Joy, versus happiness


I am feeling very depressed as of late, and also sleeping very badly. My feeling is that it has got to do with you telling us to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. So I have been wondering what is really meant by "prepare?"


The real meaning of the word "prepare" comes from "pare" meaning to skin or to peel, and therefore to pre-pare implies skinning or peeling away the unwanted layers TIMEOUSLY! It is what is technically termed, TRANSFORMATION - Erasing Personal History! So there is no need to be so glum about your life right now, for the first undesirable layer that HAD to be peeled away is your never-ending sense of ROMANCE! LOL!

So what you should be focussed on in order to grasp WHAT you are battling with is the NEED for erasing your personal history, no matter whether this is in terms of your understanding of TIME, of EMOTION or of GENDER! If you look carefully you will notice that these three are in fact three different ASPECTS of the SAME thing - INTENT! However, their manifestation upon the physical plane APPEAR to be vastly different.

Furthermore, I am also NOT surprised you are sleeping badly, for what has happened to the JOY in your life? You should be asking yourself, could it be that you have only ever known ROMANCE, instead of true JOY? Joy, my friend, is NOT something that happens to you when your life is panning out the way you want it to, for that is what is commonly known as happiness! Instead JOY is the result of an INNER state of beingness - a QUIETNESS and a deep-seated sense of PEACE that comes from KNOWING that you are being utterly IMPECCABLE in your every thought, emotion and action.