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Théun, I get the impression that the Old Sorcerers are becoming more careful in their moves, rather than being as blatant as they have been. Am I correct in thinking this? (December 2006)


LOL! Yes! The Old Sorcerers are becoming desperate on the one hand, but because of also still being caught up in their complacency about having power over most of the world, they are starting to make MISS-TAKES! This is very MUCH to our advantage! Things are changing by the day, and so much so, that with a LOT of luck we may now even be able to AVOID a third world war!

I say a LOT of luck, and not a BIT of luck, because we are as of yet a LONG way away from any CLEAR resolution! We must NOT underestimate the resourcefulness and grim determination of the Old Sorcerers, but they ARE being pushed into a corner, slowly but surely! Also, as they continue to WAIT in launching their attack, the economic situation in the States continues to deteriorate, and now quite rapidly so. What this means is that there may well be a complete economic collapse in the States BEFORE the States can attack Iran, in which case it will be up to the Israelis to attack Iran! So let's wait patiently and see WHICH way this OLD cookie is going to crumble! <g>

Furthermore, I am now convinced that Russia will NOT allow the Old Sorcerers to gain complete control over the rest of the world! However, Russia would NOT spill a single tear about the States being severely knelt, and hence Russia's apparent reticence to make too much noise right now! It is still going to be ugly when things come to a head, but I can also begin to see a crack of light at the end of the tunnel!