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I suppose I am expected to give a New Year's message! :) However, considering the current world situation, as well as the fact that we are in a year of COMPLETION at the time when the OLD is about to come crumbling down around our ears, I see little point in imparting a long or detailed message. I say this because the NEW is upon us, but until such time as that the NEW happens by coming into being, we have NO idea what we are up against, for we are truly pioneering within the UNKNOWN at this point in time! So I will keep it brief!

This year, 2007, is a year of COMPLETION, with 9 coming from (2 + 7) meaning the Unfoldment of Destiny through the medium of Humility and Under-Standing, coupled with the somewhat delinquent vibration 7, or Guidance. It is also no co-incidence that all this is transpiring in the new millennium, for any millennium brings its own overall vibration, and as this millennium is all about the Unfoldment of Destiny through the medium of Humility and Under-Standing, it stands to reason that this year especially, in that it is the year of COMPLETION, is going to DEMAND of us the FLUIDITY necessary to hold onto NO-THING in the true sense of the word! The only things that will survive this year are those grounded in the purpose of the spirit! By definition this implies that now more than ever before we NEED to live the utterly IMPECCABLE lives of the true warrior! Nothing else is going to EN-ABLE us to survive the challenges we will be facing this year! Yet, we also have to contend with the vibration 7, Guidance!

The number 7 is always a tricky one to handle, for by its very nature it is the hero-saviour that has come of age but that does not yet have the necessary life experience to act wisely! This in itself is so very reminiscent of where humanity today finds itself, that is, the young adolescent that has come of age but that is as of yet so very inexperienced in the ways of the spirit! Needless to say, like with any young adolescent, and like with any young hero-saviour, there lies so MUCH hope but also so MUCH frustration, for any young adolescent is PURE POTENTIAL ready to unfold, and yet he or she also LIKES to believe that he or she already knows everything! LOL!

And so this year we will see the words of X come to LIGHT when he has joked about the guidance given at retreats on the Sunday afternoons as being the "bargain basement specials!" This year we will be literally SURROUNDED by guidance of every description, but people will feel TORN in which way to go! The vibration of 2 will URGE people to HEED the guidance; the vibration of 7 will cause people to THINK, "But I know better!" LOL! The overall effect of so many indecisions, and of so many going WITH the dictates of power and of so many going AGAINST the dictates of power, will be a veritable circus! So best you find and keep your sense of HUMOUR! <g>

Circus or not, this year will be DEFINITIVE in so MANY ways, for such is the nature of COMPLETION. Furthermore, as the Cry of the Eagle marks the END of that which was started when humanity received the spark of mind, ALL the great many endeavours of men and women throughout the ages, for better or for worse, are now coming to FRUITION and therefore COMPLETION. Therefore definitive, yes! Also, because (2) is one of the PRIMARY vibrations, (2) MUST and WILL triumph over the (7) in this year of COMPLETION, and in this respect let us not forget that (2) is also a FEMININE vibration to boot, that is, the ultimate FEMALE in SUPPORT of the purpose of the spirit! Consequently this year we will witness the (2) as is seldom seen in this vibration of supreme Humility; we will witness the (2) in ALL her glory and in full FORCE, as Mara, the Great Standing Mother, brings to birth THAT aspect of the purpose of the spirit that the Christ referred to when He stated, "Do not assume I bring peace to the earth; instead, I bring the sword!"

It is a peculiarity of the vibration 2 that is seldom grasped by the careless student, but when destiny unfolds it is the PURPOSE of the spirit that unfolds, irrespective of HOW the little self may view this. So, so much for the gentleness of the Great Mother! LOL! To grasp this remember that the humility of the warrior is NOT the humility of the beggar! Yet the careless and self-centred student will persist in viewing the vibration 2 as some sort of benign doormat! Yet this year we will see sweet blow all of the doormat, benign or otherwise! Instead we will witness the utter RUTHLESSNESS of unconditional love in action fully supported by an UNDER-STANDING born of a HUMILITY that far transcends humanity's present ability to grasp fully! This is, in fact, a point of such a highly technical nature that I do not wish to belabour it any more, other than to say that during the course of this year we will see the current OPPRESSORS becoming the VICTIMS, and the currently OPPRESSED becoming the CONQUERORS! So this year we can expect MUCH blaming going on, and MUCH pissing and moaning, complaining and protesting, as the tables become reversed! Having said this I should also WARN you all NOT to take this at FACE VALUE, for at this point in time we do NOT know HOW the tables will become reversed, much less what the CONSEQUENCES for ALL CON-CERNED are going to be!

Well, that is THAT for now! Short and sweet! LOL! Who can predict the contents of the UNKNOWN until discovered. So let us be WIDE AWAKE, FEAR-FULL, RE-SPECT-FULL and fully ASSURED! And above all, let us take heart and courage, and let us have FUN and let us remember to LAUGH at the FOLLY of it all!