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How does one go about transmuting Altruism?


Altruism can only really be transmuted into a positive trait by RIGOROUSLY striving for a very KEEN ability to DISCRIMINATE wisely! I use the words "keen," "ability" and "wise" on purpose, for unless the person with Altruism as a shortcoming is HYPER-ALERT to his or her tendency to WANT to see only the POSITIVE in everyone and everything around him, the consequences of his actions ALWAYS backfires on him! I am referring to "him," but obviously I mean both sexes!

The battle to transmute Altruism is in fact a life-long battle, like with ANY shortcoming, for as we learn, so the lessons in dealing with one's shortcoming become ever more subtle and lethal! So, in looking at Altruism which, if transmuted, GENERALLY leads to a great OPENNESS of HEART and KINDNESS, it is easy to see how with an increasing openness of heart and an increasing sense of kindness, one becomes ever more susceptible to seeing the good, the true and the beautiful in all and everything around one to the exclusion of all else, and thus the ILLUSION! So the REAL battle for someone with Altruism as a shortcoming is being able to be OBJECTIVE enough to say, "Yes, I love you with ALL my heart, and I see how great is your potential to be a force for good, etc., but right now I can also see that your behaviour STINKS, and what's more I can see how you are trying to manipulate me by tugging furiously at my heart strings! And what's even WORSE is that I can see how I am starting to SUBMIT to my weakness by going weak at the knees, and wanting to hold and comfort you in spite of your behaviour! BUT, my lovely friend, I will NOT be serving you if I SUBMIT to my weakness, that is, my kindness of heart!"

What I have personally always found to be of ENORMOUS help in dealing with my own Altruism is to stand FIRM in being one hundred percent DETACHED from ALL my emotions, and above all, to stand FIRMLY DETACHED from ANY form of IDENTIFICATION with the challenges of the person I am interacting with! This does not mean that I do not still EMPATHISE with, and FEEL every NUANCE of what that person is having to face, but it does mean that even though INWARDLY I may be hurting like crazy on behalf of that person, yet I CAN stand firm by KNOWING within my heart of hearts that if I crumble and submit I will be doing the person concerned HUGE harm! This alone keeps me STEADFAST in NOT submitting to the folly inherent in being altruistic! LOL! But if the going gets REALLY tough in this respect, then it is most useful to move the assemblage point to the Point of No Pity! But until such time as that your perception is fluid enough to be able to do this, putting into practise this guidance will help you enormously!

But I also need to address another issue concerning Altruism. An intrinsic characteristic of Altruism is that no-one has to teach the proverbial Good Shepherd NOT to blame anyone else, for the Good Shepherd is only TOO quick to blame himself for EVERYTHING, including the fact that it rained on your birthday, that you stubbed your toe and that your fiancé dumped you for another lover! LOL! This is PART of the ILLUSION that BECAUSE you are a unit of the One Life it simply MUST be YOUR fault that the world is going to hell! LOL! Needless to say, once you start blaming yourself for everything, including everyone's else's folly, you end up feeling so shit about yourself that you can find ZERO value in being alive, let alone in being YOU! But once again, only by cultivating a very STRONG sense of being thoroughly OBJECTIVE can this tendency be corrected!

I trust this answers your question.