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In now starting to experience seeing I would like to ask how one knows whether or not a vision is to be trusted? The reason I am asking this is because I sometimes feel suspicious of some of my visions because I am not always sure how many of them are not perhaps actively induced because of my desire to see. Sometimes in working with visions I get the feeling that I should turn within, resulting in the visions acquiring a dreamlike quality.


Before I answer your question I must first point out that in order to GRASP fully my answer you MUST understand that it all depends upon a CORRECT understanding of the word "vision."

Toltecs define vision in three principle ways:

  1. There is that vision which is a faculty of the RATIONAL MIND, and which can best be described as following one's UNDER-STANDING of what one's PURPOSE in this lifetime entails.

  2. Then there is that vision which is the PRODUCT of the CREATIVE IMAGINATION of the ABSTRACT MIND, meaning the true mind, and is best described as ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE arising from true mind having become fertilised by INSPIRATION from the Heart Principle, that is, INTENT. One finds this type of vision in the TRUE artist, musician, poet, inventor and pioneer. This type of vision is extraordinarily power-full, for it quite literally enables one to CREATE anything one wants to, whether this be an invention, a piece of music, a way or quality of life, or bringing about TRUE CHANGE within the world around one! Consequently Toltecs define this second type of vision as being ACTIVE VISION!

  3. Spiritual Vision, or SEEING, which the Tibetan also describes as Spiritual Vision or True Perception. Toltecs define this type of vision as CAUSATIVE VISION, for it is in the nature of having DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of that which is being seen. As such it gives rise to ACTIVE VISION.

So following on from this you are quite right in NOT trusting any vision which has been actively, or will-fully, induced. No matter HOW sophisticated or compelling such visions may appear to be, the truth concerning such visions is that they are the PRODUCTS of the RATIONAL MIND. This is exactly why you tend to get the feeling that you need to turn within and why, when you do, your experience has a dream-like quality to it. In other words, your HEART is guiding you towards LEARNING about your fate, which includes your true PURPOSE in this lifetime, but your rational mind is forced to INTERPRET what you learn at an IRRATIONAL level in terms of words and pictures from its INVENTORY of the KNOWN! Because this INTERPRETATION comes from the rational mind's inventory of the KNOWN it is sheer INSANITY to look upon this as being anything other than an INTERPRETATION of the IRRATIONAL in terms of the KNOWN and, as such, ILLUSION! Yet, if you PRACTISE what I am teaching you all in terms of NOT trying to interpret the UNKNOWN, you will allow these images and words to wash through you and over you, leaving you with only PURE FEELING which, in time, will become CLEAR to you as to what that FEELING really translates into!