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What causes respiratory problems and lung disease?


The lungs are controlled by the THROAT CENTRE, and therefore lung problems are USUALLY due to an OVER-STIMULATION of the Throat Centre. In other words, the life-force is being CONFINED to the realm of the RATIONAL MIND to the EXCLUSION of the HEART CENTRE. Therefore the cure for lung ailments lies in achieving a more BALANCED approach towards life, that is, listening to the heart and ACTING upon the FEELINGS rather than dwelling only in the mind.

Breathing problems, as strange as it may appear to be, normally have nothing to do with the lungs, but are caused either by too much emotional-mental stress or else by a lack of sufficient personal power, both of which results in an OBSTRUCTION within the nervous system which causes the LIFE-FORCE to struggle in conecting fully with the HEART CENTRE. This in turn causes the physical heart to become weak because of temporarily being starved of the vitalising energy coming from the Heart Centre.

From what I have shared it should be clear that what is COMMONLY termed as STRESS is quite often not REAL emotional-mental fatigue, but is often merely the result of a lack of personal power, or at least a PERCEIVED lack of sufficient personal power in the moment. This is why people can at times just drop dead at work from a heart attack, or sometimes quite literally drop dead from fright! LOL!