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What are the differences between the astral body, the etheric body and the soul body? I would like to know which is the soul and which is the spirit? I know that they are different but I do not understand how they are different.


We are forced to use words for the sake of clarity, and in this respect every teaching, every movement, has its OWN choice of words, HOPEFULLY, fully defined by them! LOL! This is precisely WHY Toltecs go to such GREAT lengths in defining the words and terms they use!

Toltecs do not differentiate between man's THREE bodies, that is, the physical body, the astral body and the mental body. The reason for this is because it only leads to SEPARATIVE thinking! In reality there is but ONE body, namely, the TONAL. The tonal has three distinct FUNCTIONS termed, 1) the dense physical body which is equipped with, 2) an emotional response mechanism, and 3) a mental response mechanism. We can become as technical as we like about this, but in reality all three mechanisms are the ONE tonal! In other words, the tonal has the ability to think, to feel, and to experience emotional impetus arising from both thinking and feeling. In addition the tonal also has the ability to ACT upon the physical plane.

Over and above the dense physical body is the TRUE physical body of the tonal, namely, the luminous cocoon, referred to by some as the etheric vehicle. This etheric vehicle, or luminous cocoon, expresses its THINKING principle, that is true mind, through either the Solar Plexus Centre or through the Throat Centre of the dense physical body, and it expresses its FEELING , namely the heart, through either the Solar Plexus Centre or through the Heart Centre. In other words, in average man both the THINKING principle and the FEELING prinicple share the Solar Plexus Centre, and hence why in average man his thoughts and feelings are all too often just a chaotic soggy-gooey tangled mess! LOL! However, in both cases, that of the average man as well as the advanced man, both the THINKING principle as well as the FEELING principle is REGISTERED and therefore EXPRESSED through the medium of the BRAIN CONSCIOUSNESS, which includes the entire nervous system, of the dense physical body, and it is this brain consciousness which is termed the rational mind. All of this collectively, that is, the tonal as it expresses itself upon the physical plane, is termed the little self, the DREAMED, the personality, the ego, and so on and so on.

Indwelling the little self is the DREAMER, the CONCIOUSNESS aspect of the true Self, the nagal, the spirit of man. This is what is termed the soul in Christian terminology, and the re-incarnating ego in esoteric philosophy.

What gives rise to the Consciousness aspect is, of course, the LIFE aspect of the true Self, that is, the nagal WITHIN incarnation, or more precisely, Life Within Manifestation. This is God Immanent, the SON made flesh!

However, ALL of this collectively, that is, the LIFE aspect, the CONSCIOUSNESS aspect, that is the Dreamer, as well as the little self or the Dreamed, are but the THREE EXPRESSIONS of the true Self as It expresses itself WITHIN Life Within Manifestation, and is therefore the true TONAL of the true Self, that ineffable NO-THING termed the nagal, or more precisely, Life Coming into Manifestation. It is Life Coming into Manifestation that is termed God Transcendent, for the true nagal remains forever upon its own plane even though it is forever nascent WITHIN Life Within Manifestation!