Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on his Vision for Them from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on his Vision for Them

Friends, I guess the time has come to address you as family, for at this retreat it truly feels for the first time, that you have all become the family we have been working towards manifesting. In the past it always felt to me that we are so many individual people struggling to meet and find each other as friends, but now there is that indefinable SOME-THING present that I term TOGETHERNESS. You yourselves have seen the effect of this on the new-comers to the retreats. It has quite literally changed the lives of these people - a testimony to the invincible power of the open heart and the open hand!

I wanted to share this with you because of its HUGE significance. By now you all know that my purpose in starting the retreats was to assemble and to train a GROUP of people that CAN make a DIFFERENCE in the world, NOT in the sense of necessarily doing great things that will bring personal fame and recognition, but rather in the sense of bringing about within all you meet a change and a shift just by being the BEST you, you can possibly be! In other words, to lead QUIETLY by EXAMPLE, without fuss, without preaching, without speaking Toltecese, for leading in this way means leading with your HEART, the most POWER-FULL act of unconditional love in action!

As I have often in the past pointed out to you, NOT everyone CAN become integrated into TRUE group work, for there are MANY within humanity for whom this door still remains firmly shut, in the sense that for people such as these the immediate line of work that is most NEEDED is to develop FULLY that awareness inherent within the meaning of INDIVIDUALISATION. It is only once this state of awareness has been reached, it is only once the person concerned KNOWS himself or herself to be a FULLY REALISED INDIVIDUAL that he or she can begin to contemplate what it means to become AT-ONE with the true Self, and thereby to be-come AT-ONE with ALL true selves.

As you also by now know, to be-come at-one with the true Self and with all true selves implies GROUP-CONSCIOUSNESS, for ALL of the Dreamers of mankind are for ever, under the laws of INTENT, group-conscious! It is to this end that the Warrior's Path leads us all, for the true warrior is first and foremost a HARMLESS being, meaning that the actions of the true warrior are for-ever LIFE-SUPPORTIVE and never life-destructive! This, of course, does NOT mean that the warrior is PERFECT, for to be a warrior implies the CONTINUOUS development of awareness, which in turn implies that perfection is for ever and a day merely a RELATIVE term, whereas IMPECCABILITY, as you well know, is that STATE OF BEINGNESS in which the warrior LIVES every aspect of his KNOWLEDGE to the FULL!

So in the final analysis, although we can make group-consciousness as technical and therefore as complicated as we like, it is also as SIMPLE as saying that group-consciousness is that state of awareness within which the warrior sees and KNOWS himself to be an interrelated, interdependent and therefore interactive unit, firstly, of the Group of Dreamers to which he belongs, and secondly, of ALL of Life! Being a unit of the Group and of Life it stands to reason that the warrior is for ever acting in ways that are the MOST life-supportive to the Group and to Life, for within his heart of hearts he KNOWS that his own well-being is dependent upon the well-being of the Group and of Life. From this moment on the warrior finds it increasingly more difficult to think, to feel or to act in ways that serve the separative desires of the little self. From this moment on the only sense of fulfillment and joy the warrior can find lies in be-coming ever more INCLUSIVE in his thoughts, feelings and actions. Technically speaking, the warrior is well on his way to truly opening the Heart Centre and thereby starting to transfer his energy from the Throat Centre to the Heart Centre. In other words, the warrior is starting to act from the heart, instead of being dictated to by his mind!

Let us for the moment put aside those I have mentioned who are as of yet not ready to start striving for group-consciousness whilst we consider the position of people like ourselves. The reason why so MANY who ARE ready to start working towards group-consciousness FAIL in their efforts at BE-COMING integrated into group work is because of their INDULGENCE in separative THINKING. In other words, such people are for ever being dictated to by their MINDS for the simple reason that they are completely IDENTIFIED with their minds! Being completely identified with their minds such people CANNOT cultivate sufficient DETACHMENT from their thinking processes in order to perceive their experiences OBJECTIVELY. Consequently, as is explained in Volume VI, their perception remains purely SUBJECTIVE and is therefore for ever AT ODDS with the OBJECTIVE REALITY which is causing their SUBJECTIVE perception of that reality. As a result, the person who is identified with his mind is also for ever AT ODDS with the world around him, always thinking in terms of 'me and you,' 'us and them,' which only ever leads to further separativeness, both in thinking as well as in action. It is for this reason why I am constantly stressing to you the HUGE importance of seeing EVERY person in your lives as being YOUR mirror, and therefore bringing everything back to YOURSELF and thereby making it about YOURSELF, for unless we do this, there is NO other way in which to break the FIXATION of our awareness caused by identification with the separative thinking of the mind. It is also for this same reason that I have pushed you all so hard at achieving within yourselves, at a feeling level, that sense of TOGETHERNESS I mentioned when I first started speaking. However, in having now achieved a certain measure of TOGETHERNESS, realise that it is STILL a work in progress, and as such the mind can STILL at ANY time hi-jack the work to be done and thereby effectively bring all the good work done to date to naught, unless we exercise a CONSTANT VIGILANCE in spotting ANY form of the tendency towards separativeness within ourselves!

It is to THIS end that I now know that the time has come for us to MOVE to a new place in our learning. Now that you have individually, as well as COLLECTIVELY, achieved a very REAL sense of togetherness, it is time to take the next step! It is time to now BE-COME a true family upon the physical plane in the sense of LIVING this togetherness, not JUST at retreats, but LIVING it EVERY day of our journey TOGETHER. As you all know, this has always been my dream, as well as my sincere HOPE for you all, and above all, it is also the fulfillment of the injunction I received to build and to foster a Temple of Peace, a Garden of Life within which the REGENERATION of life may be fostered and nurtured in a world that is fast becoming devoid of any form of regeneration. For those of you who are new to the Group, you will find this injunction in the database. I first gave it to you in May 2005.

In order to show the way forward it is necessary for me to first go back a step or two.

The world situation is continuing to deteriorate. It has also become clear since last year that the Old Sorcerers are procrastinating in making their fatalistic move towards world domination, and in this they have given us a much-needed breather in which to hurriedly pull ourselves towards ourselves in the sense of truly finding our hearts, and in getting our minds to start co-operating with our hearts! In this respect it is most heartening to see just how MANY people the world over HAVE now started to wake up to what is truly happening, although there are sadly still far too many people who are refusing to acknowledge the reality, with the result that the world situation MUST get worse before it can get better!

I still have no doubt that the world situation as it is now must and will come to a head, and when it does the Old World as we know it now WILL collapse utterly and completely! It is also frightening to see how even South Africa, which has hitherto been one of the few remaining countries left in the world that has been fighting for the freedom and well-being of its people, has continuously been selling itself out to the Old Sorcerers! Both the South African government as well as South Africans themselves, are more and more buying into the ways and schemes of the Old Sorcerers. Even just over the past six months it has become alarmingly clear to what extent South Africa is beginning to show EVERY sign of going the same way as Zimbabwe! With the new Land-Repatriation Acts and the new Taxation proposals amongst many other acts, the South African government is making it abundantly clear that it has abandoned its Mission Statement of building a non-racial society working towards the upliftment of all its people, in favour of striving for monetary control and the gaining of power over. So even had Neil and I gone ahead with building the Foundation and the Temple of Peace in South Africa as we had always wanted to do, a time could have come when we may well have been forced to leave the country! Needless to say, as we never did go down that route we will never know for certain, because who knows what we COULD have done as a Group of people working in unison in South Africa? But be that as it may! We never did go down this route, and perhaps it was for the best this way!

Now for the first time I feel CONFIDENT that we can embark upon starting to lay the foundations for the building of the Temple of Peace, which in time will also become a Centre of Light and of Learning in a world in which just about everything of value has become utterly lost for the time being. This will be our ultimate service to humanity as a Group.

So what do I see as being our next step? I see it as necessary that those of us who are ready and willing to take this next step find a home of our own where we can all live and work together. My vision is that as a Group our COLLECTIVE personal power is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts! In other words, our COLLECTIVE POTENTIAL is HUGE, and as of yet, completely UNTAPPED! Each of us as individuals can achieve significant results by unfolding our full potential as individuals, but the results will always be LIMITED to our personal power and to our personal potential as individuals. But should we POOL our potential as well as our personal power, then as a Group we can achieve miracles! Needless to say, a developing group-consciousness will then also be a necessary result of our endeavour to be of true service to humanity, rather than us as individuals having to slog our guts out at slowly, slowly developing group-consciousness on our own within a grossly separative world! In other words, building group-consciousness will be greatly facilitated by us working as a Group and in unison towards the materialisation of the same objective!

As a bonus we will also be taking a most vital and necessary step in ensuring our survival within the imminent collapse of the present world order. As a totally self-sufficient group of people working in unison we CAN and we WILL survive the collapse of the Old World, whereas as individuals fighting on our own we will be hard-pressed to survive in any degree of comfort. By comfort I am NOT referring to laziness, but instead I am referring to maintaining a QUALITY of life, rather than a mere EXISTENCE! Attendant to this is also the FACT that we have all come to so enjoy being together at retreats, but should we NOT come together as a Group, and preferably under one roof, we may well become separated for ever once the present world order collapses, for as I have warned you, once we are all forced to fight for survival the retreats will in one way or another come to an end!

So where to from here? Russell, Z and I have been exploring buying a property in what was part of the old Communist world, namely the Eastern Block, for I see this as today being the New World. Why the New World? Because this part of the world is still very much in the last throws of casting aside the severe SUPPRESSION it was subjected to under Communism, and as such it is in NO hurry to welcome back into its arms a self-centred and self-serving Big Brother! In short, the Old Sorcerers are not welcome in this part of the world!

The country to which I feel the most drawn is the Slovak Republic which, although it belongs to the former Eastern Block, is actually geographically in Central Europe. Not only is this a relatively SAFE place for us to settle, but in being Central Europe it will also greatly facilitate our relocation plans. By this I mean that I do not see ALL of us as relocating immediately, but rather in dribs and drabs, but in the meantime we can still ALL come together relatively frequently, easily and inexpensively if we are centred in Central Europe.

Depending upon our joint financial resources I am looking at us eventually building a beautiful castle. The reason for this is that not only does a castle offer us the kind of accommodation we will need for a Group of our size, but it will also have the required land to enable us to become totally self-sufficient. Quite apart from which, I am also a firm believer that BEAUTY and QUALITY are an integral part of the warrior's life! But to start with we are buying a small private hotel to use as temporary accommodation, which we will afterwards keep as a business asset.

I have already thought all of this through, and I know how it will be possible for us to do this, but I do not now wish to go into the details of it all, other than to say that it CAN be done, IF we are WILLING. It is perfectly possible, and even wise of us, for the majority of us to restructure the FORM of our respective businesses and careers into becoming internet based. In this way we will ALWAYS have income, no matter what happens to the world at large, because people will always be in NEED of the services we can render. And above all, in this way we CAN work and live together under one roof! But I will go into the details about this in due course of time.

For now, all I wish to know from you is IF what I am outlining here speaks to your hearts or not? I urge you NOT to dwell in the mind and to let your minds start to pick holes in my proposal, but simply to allow your HEARTS to guide you into a true FEELING for what I am proposing. I urge you NOT to fret about the how, or the when or the what. I also urge you NOT to submit to the inevitable FEAR this will spark of in many of you! Let us take this ONE SMALL STEP at a time, and with every step I will guide you ever onwards and forwards! Having said this I also would not be serving you if I were to promise you a bed of roses! Whoever promised you that the Warrior's Path is easy? LOL! No, like with anything worthwhile in life, there IS a very REAL RISK involved in all this. But then the way I see this is that, yes, there IS a risk, but to remain where we are is an even GREATER risk!

Sadly, it should by now also be obvious that NOT all of you will be able to join us in this venture even if you would love to. I am here specifically thinking about those of you who are married but whose spouses are not in the Group. I am also thinking of those of you who have gotten married for the wrong reasons, and whose marriages may therefore still turn into a mess. It will simply be an utter DISASTER to attempt to force spouses not on the Warrior's Path into becoming a part of the Group, just as those of you who have persisted in distancing yourselves from the Group through uncertain marriages will only succeed in bringing DISHARMONY to a venture which is already fraught with all sorts of potential battles and hardships. Nevertheless, I am also NOT intending to simply drop you, or to abandon you, should we proceed with this venture. The Temple of Peace will be OPEN to ALL who have a genuine desire to find the light and the knowledge they are seeking, and therefore we WILL still be able to be of service to those of you who will not be able to join us for now. But we will cross this bridge when we get there! :)

Now that I have shared, please let me know as soon as possible where your hearts lie. Also, should you wish to join us in this venture then I will need to know what you can contribute financially towards this project, either in the form of cash on hand, the value of assets that could be liquidated, or both. My own intention is to finish painting Warrior's Keep, which should take about another 6 weeks, then I will be putting the property on the market and liquidating. As soon as it is sold Russell and I will be moving to the Slovak Republic to start pioneering the way for you all.