Self, forgiveness of from Warriors' Experience

  • Self, forgiveness of


I still feel so bad about my past! I just don't seem to be able to step over it.


No matter HOW bad we may have been, SURELY there comes a time when we KNOW within our heart of hearts that we have PAID our dues, that we have SUFFERED for our sins enough, and therefore that it is now TIME to find again the JOY in life, and the LOVE for and of life! If we DON'T do this, it means that we CANNOT find it within ourselves to FORGIVE ourselves! And whatever we do to ourselves we WILL inflict upon those around us! So if we CANNOT forgive ourselves, we also NEVER forgive those who ARE free, who ARE happy and who ARE content in carrying their OWN crosses upon Life! So, yes, we find dirt even in the purity of a snowflake, for IF dirt is all we wish to see, then IN-DEED even a snowflake is POLLUTED! But IF we wish to rejoice in the BEAUTY and the PERFECTION of the snowflake even IF it is polluted, our hearts begin to sing a song that NO-ONE can ever silence!