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What is the cause of migraines? Migraines first started for me at the age of ten, and I tend to get them mostly on the right side of my head. What does this mean?


Headaches are caused by feeling BAD about oneself. Migraines, although also a form of headache, is nearly always caused by feeling somehow INADEQUATE in dealing with one's challenges in life.

It is interesting that you mainly suffer migraines on the right-side. The right hemisphere of the brain relates to LEFT-SIDE awareness, whilst the left hemisphere relates to RIGHT-SIDE awareness. So the indications are that your migraines are related to FEELINGS of inadequacy, rather than literally BEING inadequate! Therefore the way in which to eradicate your migraines is to start looking for WHAT the challenge is, and then WHY you feel inadequate in facing it.

A good place for you to start is the fact that the migraines began when you were ten years old. As such it should not be too difficult for you to remember what was the cause of this. Obviously whatever it was continues to this day.

If it is of any help to you I will share what I have OFTEN seen in you. :) I have often seen you struggling HUGELY with your physical form, in the sense that you do not like your body! In fact it sometimes comes across as if you are embarrassed by your body! Sometimes I have also seen it as you being embarrssed by ANY reference to the physical body, whether this be to yours or to anyone else's. So I believe all of this may well have started around the age of ten, probably when you started to go into puberty. This may well also have to do with your feelings of inadequacy surrounding being FEMALE. :)