Energy, follows thought, defined from Warriors' Experience

  • Energy, follows thought, defined
  • Grasp, meaning of
  • Revolution, versus evolution
  • Fire (s), the three
  • Friction, and conflict
  • Conflict, and friction
  • Conception, meaning of
  • Anchoring, meaning of
  • Jewel (s), Dark
  • Jewel (s), Forbidden
  • Stalker (s), of time
  • Evolution, versus revolution
  • Chokmah
  • Binah
  • Kether


What is really meant by the statement that energy follows thought?


It is a well-known albeit POORLY under-stood esoteric axiom that energy follows thought. In order to truly GRASP, and I mean GRASP, this CON-CEPT, one HAS to UNDER-STAND that Life has a four-fold purpose DE-FINED as the four principle dimensions, MEST. ENERGY is the THIRD principle, namely, the HOLY GHOST.

First of all, do you follow what I mean when I say GRASP? Only INTENT has the ability to GRASP, or to ANCHOR! To GRASP and to ANCHOR are synonymous terms for Toltecs. :)

Secondly, do you follow when I say CON-CEPT? There is nothing but PERCEPTION, and every ACT of perception is an act of CON-CEPT-ION, meaning that as units of the One Life it is NOT possible to conceive the PURPOSE of the One without ALL conceiving at the same TIME, but not necessarily at the SAME time! Am I playing with words? No! I am trying to EX-PLANE to you what is meant by the Stalkers of Time! Read "time" as being the process of life, but read TIME as Sobriety or as Con-cept-ion. From this it follows that because there is only ONE Life it is IMPOSSIBLE to CON-CEIVE any-thing which is BEYOND or OUTSIDE of the ONE Intent - EVOLUTION! In order to GRASP this compare the words "evo-lution" and "revo-lution."

Evolution implies MOVING forward. Revolution implies FRICTION caused by ENTROPY. And yet, ALL evolution has its basis in FRICTION - that is in CONFLICT. Conflict, however, has THREE distinct but THOROUGHLY interrelated EXPRESSIONS, namely, Fire by Friction, Solar Fire and Electric Fire. Three FIRES expressing the One Life, the One Power. These three fires are Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur, ANCHORED within Life Within Manifestation as Kether, the World of Contemplation, Chokmah, the World of Creation and Binah, the World of Silence. These three anchor points are all connected through the twenty-one jewels of awareness which are SUPPORTED by the ten DARK jewels and a HOST of Forbidden Jewels! And it is these DARK jewels that FORM the THRUSTING BLOCK, the FRICTION, whereby HU-MAN comes to GRIPS with the Forbidden Jewels, that is, the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and thereby enters the realm of true MAN, the Creator formed in "the LIKENESS of his Father which art in heaven!"