Conflict, handling from Warriors' Experience

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Why do I struggle so much in my relationships when it comes to conflict? Conflict arises, I speak my truth, and then everyone feels incredibly hurt and they accuse me of being nothing but a great big bully! What am I doing wrong?


You are a very strong man, my friend, but I doubt you acknowledge your true strength! As a result you often use far more force than you need to do! Learn to cultivate that approach which is so indicative of the true warrior, namely, being GENTLE in standing unwaveringly FIRM in your knowledge!

Yes, sometimes it IS necessary to use a sledgehammer and to whack the other person senseless, but this should ONLY ever be done as a last resort! Mostly the warrior CAN accomplish what he needs to accomplish with the gentle firm approach - call it PERSUASION, if you like, or better still, STALKING the perception of the other person!

If you practice this you will quickly enough come to learn that MOST people are just plain FRIGHTENED, but if you take them GENTLY by the HAND and lead them with SURENESS of TREAD they will follow you and they will feel SAFE enough with you to find within themselves the COURAGE to face what normally they are too frightened to look at.