Seeing, difficulties within from Warriors' Experience

  • Seeing, difficulties within


Is it common to not only have true seeing with regards to people, but also with regards to things like energy fields and the interrelationship between them and people?


Yes! LOL! And this IS what makes learning to see so very difficult, for until one can CORROBORATE, in one way or another, what one is seeing, there is NO WAY in which to KNOW whether it is true or merely a figment of one's imagination. The ONLY way that Toltecs know of in which to corroborate NEW seeings, that is, mapping out the Unknown through the medium of seeing, is to APPLY the knowledge gained to the Law of Correspondences, for there is only One Life!

Therefore if the knowledge gained proves to be true in ONE area of life, but false in another area, then what was seen is either false or else incorrectly interpreted. If, on the other hand, the knowledge gained is true for EVERY part of life, and if it does not violate but AUGMENTS all tried and tested knowledge, then it is undoubtedly correct!