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  • Electricity, three types of
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What does Tesla mean when he refers to "radiant energy?"


I am not a physicist or a mathematician, but what I CAN share with you which may just point you in the right direction is something I mention in the books, namely, that there are three types of electricity. Man knows the first type, which is what Toltecs term Fire by Friction. Tesla discovered the second type, which we know as Solar Fire, and what Tesla termed Radiant Energy. And the third, Electric Fire, is yet to be discovered, but humanity is so UNREADY for this that it is not likely to be any time in the foreseeable future.

I would strongly advise you to turn your attention to Radiant Energy, or Solar Fire, for the most exciting thing about Solar Fire is that it is in every possible respect a PURE physical manifestation of the power of Intent, and therefore TOTALLY life-supportive and self-regenerative. It is quite literally a manifestation of the Cosmic Christ consciousness.