Toltec, the, nature of from Warriors' Experience

  • Toltec, the, nature of


Théun, in your books you mention that the life experiences of the average man, of the hunter and of the warrior, form a triangle which is vital to the total being of the true Toltec. What exactly does this mean? Also, what is the difference between "life experiences" versus just "experience?"


The true Toltec is a humble man who never forgets that everything he does and everything he learns does not make him any more or less important than any other being. Therefore the Toltec views his life as being no better than that of the average man, or the hunter or even of the warrior. The terms hunter, warrior and Toltec are merely terms used in order to differentiate certain levels of learning and skill acquired, and are therefore not really ranks as such, meaning that to the true Toltec rank is of no significance. The only thing of consequence to the Toltec is the knowledge he holds, and the fact that this knowledge still does not make him superior to someone who has little knowledge or no knowledge at all. In other words the Toltec never forgets his own humble beginnings and struggles as an average man with very little skill in terms of learning. Consequently the Toltec knows himself to be the composite knowledge gained from his training as an average man, a hunter and a warrior.

The term "life experiences" implies the conscious learning from experience, whereas the term "experiences" does not imply that the person concerned is actually learning anything from his or her experiences.