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  • Sexual, lust, versus commitment
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Théun, my son who is now nearly twenty years old has shared with me that he would like to pursue a relationship with a girl he has met. He tells me that he feels very committed to this girl and may even end up marrying her in time. However, as a father, how do I guide him in not making the same mistake I made, which was to become sexually involved with every woman I met?


You are going to have to be VERY frank in guiding your son with respect to the difference between COMMITMENT versus sexual lust. In this respect remember that the only true commitment there is, is commitment to Self and everything that is entailed within this. Therefore there is no such thing as, "I am committed to you and this relationship, and therefore let us have sex." LOL! Any such stance is simply a justification for satisfying sexual lust.

As units of the One Life we can never be committed to another person or another thing, for the very meaning in such a commitment is that we are committing to duality, or separation - the very antithesis of the Warrior's respect for Life and therefore for Self. What we really mean when we speak of being committed, as in say marriage, is that we have committed ourselves to LEARN about Self through the medium of what we term marriage, for better or for worse, and until death us do part.

I trust that you can see the difference?