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Is corporal punishment of children permissible for parents on the Warrior's Path?


If parents do their job properly it shouldn't be necessary for them to often give their child or children a hiding. But in having said this I must also point out that there are children who in themselves feel so insecure that they need to have their parameters very clearly defined from time to time, and this can often only be done through the medium of corporal punishment.

If a child is very insecure within itself there will be times that they feel so terribly insecure that a mere verbal definition of their parameters is not enough. And therefore they quite literally call forth physical confirmation of what their parameters are. When this happens the parent concerned must not hesitate to give the child a good hiding, provided that the parent acknowledges the rule that every child has its basic human rights just like any adult does. In other words, no child should EVER be struck in anger. Again, as always in dealing with children, the child that is calling forth corporal punishment should first be made to understand WHY it has done wrong, and WHAT wrong it has done.
To simply grab hold of a child whilst in a fit of anger in order to give it the beating of its life, or to throw it into its room and slamming the door shut, does nothing to help the child understand what is actually going on, and is, quite frankly, nothing more than child abuse!