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If it is necessary to administer corporal punishment to a child, what is the best way in which to do this?


Children should never be made to lose their sense of dignity. And there is no quicker way in which to destroy a child's sense of dignity than to administer corporal punishment when the child does not understand what it has done wrong, or to administer corporal punishment in front of other people.
Instead the child who has overstepped the mark should be sat down privately and then spoken to until he or she can see and understand what is not acceptable in his or her behaviour or actions. The same applies if the child misbehaves some place other than at home. If this happens then wait until you are again home before tackling your child about unacceptable behaviour or actions.

Another very important point to take care of in having to administer corporal punishment is that the child must be made to understand very clearly that the offense it has committed warrants corporal punishment because a mere tongue lashing has not proved to be adequate and therefore there is now no other way in which to get the message across.

Furthermore, whenever administering corporal punishment, do so with as much respect and dignity as possible. Children should NEVER be made to lose their sense of dignity. And once corporal punishment has been administered do NOT keep on punishing the child afterwards with rough or insensitive words. The child has already taken the consequences of its actions, so there is no need to keep rubbing salt into the wound.

One final word about corporal punishment.

If the child is under the age of puberty, then preferably the mother should give the hidings unless she feels a particular case should be handled by the father, in which there is nothing wrong in Dad giving the hiding.

However, after the age of puberty corporal punishment should be administered by the father, This so because Dad is the alpha male in the household, and therefore corporal punishment has more of an impact on the child after puberty than if Mom administers it. In this case the great impact lies in the fact of being chastised by the male, rather than the fear of physical pain.