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I am now going to attempt to do some real work (bare with me!).

I grew up with a lot of thugs, who picked on me without mercy. When I was 18 I heard that one of these guys was looking to extort money from me. I perceive this particular individual to be very intimidating. I phoned him and agreed to fight. I spent the rest of the day trying not to think!I met him and we had a little scuffle. He demanded that I come with him to his house. I went. He told me that I wasn't allowed to leave until I agreed to pay. I watched TV, lol. He began punching me in the face and asking me if I was going to pay, I said no. He grabbed a knife, I said yes! He threw away the knife, I reverted back to saying no, lol. I tried to make my way to the door but he blocked my exit. I told him if he hit me again I would hit him back. He swung and I hit him in the mouth. We scuffled and both ended up on the floor. He showed me that I had chipped his tooth. I stood up and went outside. I got outside and became enraged, probably years of pent up anger. I told him to come outside, at first he refused, but eventually he grabbed a pipe and ran at me. I ran, he chased. I cut through some yards and hid near some garbage cans. Not the triumphant victory I was hoping for, lol! Six months later I moved away for seven years.

In a couple of weeks I will be back in the city, probably for a few months. This guy used to whip his mother with coat hangers and kick his grandmother in the chest, lol, not a very friendly boy. I am sure he would kill me without hesitation if he new he was able and could get away with it.

This is the situation I figured I would work with - because it has touched me deeply, and influenced my entire state of awareness (and could get pretty dramatic). I dreamed that I decapitated him (and another one of my old "friends") a few years ago. Probably the most gruesome dream I've ever had, for the record.

If I chose to engage in combat with him I am pretty sure killing him would be the only thing that would actually resolve the situation (or getting killed). I am pretty sure there is no reasoning with him, for his only ambition seems to be to prove how evil he is. I can try to avoid running into him but who knows when he could come walking around the corner. It seems to be a tricky situation. Yes, so, I am thinking that I should use the four postulates and the stalkers rule to work with this issue, but figured I would send this message now in order to verify that I am at least beginning the process properly. This is the face value of the situation. And it seems to be a battle with fear. It also seems to involve a true petty tyrant. Any guidance in how to proceed in this task of learning would be much appreciated. Thank you, :)


My dear friend, I understand you sharing your challenges with me, for after all, you have a vested interest in getting me acquainted with you as quickly as possible, yes? <ebwg> But really, please understand two things VERY clearly! Firstly, you cannot trick an OLD nagal like me; and secondly, I am NOT here to hold your hand! You must fight your battles by yourself and for yourself USING the teachings and the tools already given to you, and ONLY if you need tools not supplied can you reasonably expect me to guide you into finding what you need. So do we have a deal? And please remember that even IF you are nagal you are NOT my most pressing priority, for I also have MANY other demands upon my time! :) So kindly respect my time, and then perhaps even your petty tyrants will respect you next time you come face to face. LOL!