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As I enter into the teachings, the culture, the language, the customs, and the idioms of the Toltec-Legacy, I'm feeling excitement and eagerness at the opportunity to be requesting guidance, tempered with the typical anxiety from my self-image which is uncertain about the protocols within your Community. However, I subscribed to the teaching facility to support my learning and to uncover all the hidden ways self-image and social conditioning continue to impact my life. So here goes!

Seeking truth and following intuition as best I can all my conscious life, I have been led to study with other groups with teachings similar in some ways to Theun's and the Toltec. Motivated at first to reduce the psychological pain that comes as a result of social conditioning, I applied to teachings to my life and have attained some level of balance over the years. I was led to Theun's books in 2003 and have made them the focus of my study, even while pursuing other group work.

Now that this teaching facility is available, I'm struggling on where to begin. I'm wanting to make these experiences the center of my strategy for learning. I need to integrate previous learning with these Teachings and put it int proper context. I'm wanting some way to assess where I am on the Toltec path: to assess gaps in application of the teachings and shortcomings in need of attention; to give credit where due to challenges met so far as I recognize them; and to devise a strategy for the next step.

I came across a series of articles on "Advancement" through the ranks from Apprentice to Hunter to Warrior and Atl'Aman. Within those articles are questionnaires which immediately struck me as just such a means of assessment. More than that, as I glanced through the questions for Apprentice to Hunter I could feel in struggling to answer them I would be shown gaps.

Would you please comment on that approach? Is this an appropriate use of those questionnaires? If I'm headed in a direction that is not in alignment with the teachings, please help me to understand why and suggest how I can discover a direction that is in alignment.

Thank you!


My dear friend, there is no protocol around here! LOL! You simply ask for guidance whenever you feel the need to do so.

If you feel it would be beneficial for you to answer the Questionnaires given in the Testings you are free to do so. All those that did do them found them to be extremely useful.

Apropos other teachings, a good rule of thumb is to measure the truth contained within one form of teaching against that of another. As there is only the One Truth this method quickly enough shows up EITHER a discrepancy in perception, or else a discrepancy in the two sets of teachings. I am happy to guide you should you find discrepancies you find difficult to reconcile.

With warm regards,