Epilepsy from Warriors' Experience

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Théun, could you please give me guidance on what a person can learn about themselves from epileptic seizures? Also, I would also be grateful if you could tell me if mercury teeth fillings can affect a persons health and especially the neuorological system? There are many mixed opinions on this.


Epilepsy is a complex dis-ease, in that it has both psychological as well as physical causes. The psychological cause is trying to ESCAPE severe emotional stress which gets out of control. So whenever the severe emotion is triggered, no matter whether this is anger, fear or emotional pain, the epileptic has a seizure, meaning that the PHYSICAL brain, which is the main component of the nervous system, literally "freezes," or more precisely induces the trance. However, even though under trance the patient is still subject to the severe emotional stress, and hence the fit which occurs during the trance. Most people do not realise that the fit and the trance are two separate things, because their combined effect is what is experienced as the seizure.

The physical cause, which is initially also caused by severe emotional stress, is a depletion of vital trace elements in the bloodstream and therefore in the nervous system as well. These trace elements are the essential MINERALS that the body needs, most especially iron, zinc and magnesium. So whenever these trace elements fall below the minimum amount needed by the nervous system the epileptic will also have a seizure even if there is no emotional stress to cause it. This, however, is in the form of a CONDITIONED REFLEX, in that the brain has learned to associate this low level of trace elements with severe emotional stress, and hence the seizure.

The cure for the psychological part of the epilepsy is not easy, in that it requires the patient to learn firstly, to EXPRESS his or her anger in a SKILLED manner; and secondly, to DIRECT the emotion generated into DOING something constructive. For example, instead of just fuming with uncontained rage, the epileptic should give vent to that rage by not only expressing it verbally as accurately as possible, but also by, say, doing so whilst pacing the room, or by thumping his fist on a table etc. Alternatively, if this is not viable, the epileptic could be encouraged to express his anger, or whatever the emotion is, by writing a letter or an email, even if it is never sent afterwards. Ideally, of course, what is the MOST effective cure for epilepsy is for the epileptic to recapitulate the original experience in which the severe emotion was first experienced, but without a knowledge of the teachings this is not easy.

The physical cause of epilepsy is relatively simple to cure by ensuring that the epileptic eats REGULAR and WELL-BALANCED meals. An example of well-balanced meals can be found on the teaching facility in the guidance I gave on the treatment of psychosis. The epileptic can also, if need be, take mineral supplements, but these should be prescribed by a good herbalist, as most of the stuff available in pharmacies is junk!