Race (s), Aryan, destiny of from Warriors' Experience

  • Race (s), Aryan, destiny of
  • Group consciousness, and the Aryan race


Théun, I have read that one's race sets the context for one's fate. What are the implications of being of the white race?


You should not see this fact in a limited way, for the implications of race are vast. Each race has a specific destiny to fulfil in terms of its learning experiences, and therefore every member of that race will fall under the influences of the racial destiny. The white race, as you call it, is the Aryan race, and the destiny of the Aryan race is to learn that true openness of heart that fosters inclusiveness, not merely at the level of the individual, but also COLLECTIVELY in terms of group consciousness. Therefore as a member of the Aryan race your own learning in this lifetime, which is of course your fate, will have much to do with learning to open the heart and thereby to work towards group consciousness.

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