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  • Assemblage point, the, moving, example of
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One summer, I woke up in the morning and I found the kitchen invaded by hundreds of ants (I live on the 5th floor!) Overwhelmed by surprise and panic, I started wiping them out with water, but nothing happened. They kept coming, and I felt guilty too for wasting them.

Second day, same situation...even more ants. I put some spray in the kitchen balcony-door.....ooops, still coming.

The third day I felt strange, and suddenly had an idea: "to feed them!" so I put bird seeds and bread in the far corner of the balcony. For two days the ants came and picked up all the food, then they disappeared for the rest of the summer.

Was this idea an example of a little moovement of my assemblage point?


LOL! Yes, no doubt you did move your assemblage point otherwise you would just have continued declaring war on the starving ants! But what is even MORE important than this is that you started to FEEL the NEED of the ants. In other words, you started to open your heart a little. :) And this is very good! But now you must continue to look for how you are guided on a daily basis into opening your heart more and more. And by the way, did you check the dreaming symbols to find out what ants represent? If not, you should do so.

With warm regards,