Group consciousness, versus Doctrine of Separate Development from Warriors' Experience

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Théun, I don't know if it is my social conditioning that has made me usually crave more communal experiences, but I am certainly learning what I need to from the time I am spending alone. However, is it more natural for beings to share? I fret sometimes about ending up in a world of single people and not families, groups, and communities. But how inclusive is inclusive? Some people are determined not to share or learn or change. I am determined for myself but realise my limitations and the limitations of altruism in helping others if they lack current motivation.

I also know that understanding a group and living as a group, is a hard thing to achieve. And how easy it is just to be alone behind closed doors. I have also had to cut some damaged people out of my life (very hard when you feel love for them) and challenge my own areas of damage.

Since I joined the Legacy I have been aware of recurring dreams of being in a communal living space, slightly male dominated. There is awareness that friends surround me and that I belong there. When I visited this dream yesterday it was clearly two large houses newly joined together and the building work on one was nearly completed. As a team some of us went down to the cellar, which was a bit like a cavern. There was fresh water flowing down the walls. Our task was to gather up some of the rubbish, such as left over boarding, old mattresses and old doors that had been left there during the building work and to get the rubbish out on the yard, ensuring that the water running down the walls was not impeded or allowed to stagnate.

In my "awake" state I don't understand why there are more males than females? But I know that the water is love.


:) Would it help you to know that yesterday morning before you wrote this email I knew that you would be guided towards exploring what is being revealed to you in this recurring dream, although I did not know about this dream then. So when you wrote yesterday evening it came to me as no surprise that you have been having this recurring dream.

My friend, I will say only this much to you. There is only One Life, and we are all units of the One Life. However, for the purposes of evolution we first have to learn what it is to BE an INDIVIDUAL, and what it means to RELATE to the world around us AS an INDIVIDUAL. And this is good, and it is natural, and therefore it is as it should be according to the purpose of the Unspeakable. But it is man who has distorted this. It is man who, in having INTERPRETED this according to his SOCIAL CONDITIONING and his SELF-IMAGE, has brought about what Toltecs refer to as the Doctrine of Separate Development - a great and terrible crime against the spirit of man that has done ZERO for the evolution of awareness other than to breed and to foster a gross sense of SEPARATIVENESS, the consequences of which are that people the world over are, generally speaking, no longer friends and no longer CARE about each other. In this state of separativeness people now only care about themselves with an attitude of every man and woman for him or herself, and the devil for us all! But this was NEVER meant to be. This is an abomination of the natural law of evolution, and it is an utter distortion of the One Truth.

So what I am saying is, TRUST your FEELINGS, my friend, for the HEART of man never lies! :) Your own Dreamer is guiding you towards seeing the TRUE meaning and purpose within the evolution of awareness, namely, the Law of Inclusiveness, meaning group consciousness. So do not take your dream lightly, especially not as it is a recurring dream.

More than this I do not wish to say here, for it would not necessarily be of benefit to all of your fellow apprentices. However, as the guidance you are being given in this dream is of HUGE import to you, and to those whose fate it is to share their lives with you, may I humbly suggest that you come to see me personally at the Temple of Peace at your earliest possible convenience, for this is VERY important! Once you and I can discuss this personally I will reveal to you all I know about your dream, and what it means for you.

With my warmest regards to a very courageous and clear-thinking lady! :)