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Greetings :)

Your last guidance was very helpful thank you :)

I had a heart to heart with my wife, and she did not contest, although did not agree either. She milled over it for a while and we discussed it later and two issues seem to have come up. Firstly, I believe we have become a bit too familiar with each other, so I am taking measures to rectify this, (I haven't completed my strategy yet, but I'm working with it as it goes along). The second thing is her experience with past partners have been very different; her ex's were either very much sexually driven, or just treated her like shit, so she is not used to a man who is not really into sex, or makes any effort to include her in anything else and thus she struggles to not take it personally, or see what else there is in the relationship. She agrees that she may be getting bored with me, but as she thought about all the other facets of our relationship over the next few days, this eased her up a bit.

After discussing this with her, and working on my strategy I can definitely feel a change in our relationship. It seems that by working to become a little less familiar, we have actually gotten closer, and she is worrying less about the lack of sex.

With regards to living in SA I appreciate your honesty on the matter. I had suspected as much, and the more I look into the way the ANC is manoeuvring themselves the more it confirms this. I am currently making arrangements, so that my wife and I may leave if we have to.

My next questions:

Firstly, I would like to know about marketing, I believe this can be a form of seduction? Can you give me some advice on Impeccable marketing and the Toltec stance on this?

Secondly, I have read a few of the answers you have written with regards to health problems and diet, and your answers are quite different from the norm. Could you explain to me how high content of meat and natural animal fats effect the body? I am by no means saying you are wrong, I tried it because I was struggling with stamina in my training sessions and it definitely helped, but I did find my digestion and my skin had a few problems and I felt "heavier." Is there a way of getting around this?

Thirdly I do some work with some abused children at lifeline, and every time I go near the place, I get so tired I feel like I could slump over and sleep. I don't feel like I have pity for them. I realise they have their own challenges they must face. I do enjoy working with them though, but I always end up feeling really shit after I work with them. Is there a way I can prevent this? I know that if I am operating from the heart they shouldn't be able to drain me. Is this correct?
Your guidance is greatly appreciated :)
With much love and warmth from sunny South Africa


I am pleased to hear that you find my guidance re your marriage working for you. I would, however, if I were you, NOT be too complacent that you now have it all dusted and sorted! LOL! I still believe your wife is bored with you, and that your marriage has become for her not much more than a comfort zone. But.......that is your business. <ebwg>

The Toltec stance on marketing is the same as for ALL forms of service rendered. Marketing is not wrong provided you OFFER a product or service which is a win-win for both parties concerned. The most successful marketing is always based on first ascertaining the NEEDS of the client, and then seeing HOW you as the supplier can MEET those needs. The kind of marketing which is seductive and therefore not life-supportive, is the type of marketing in which the client is COERCED into believing that he or she MUST have the product or service that is being offered, whether the client really needs this or not. Examples of this can be seen in insurance and credit cards.

You ask about diet, and why I recommend a balanced diet. Note I say BALANCED! I do NOT actually advise people to gorge themselves on meat and animal fat! Instead I advise people to eat a well balanced diet consisting of meat and fish, plenty of fresh vegetables (not frozen), fresh fruit and dairy, meaning milk, cream, butter and cheese. I only ever advise people to eat more meat and fish when they have mental disorders, such as, for example, psychosis or schizophrenia. The reason for this is that the amino acids contained in meat and fish are very soothing and restorative to the nervous system, including the brain.

If your body is not used to big portions of protein, or if your body does not need as much protein as you are eating, then this will cause you to feel heavy and lethargic. But then once again, if you end up feeling heavy it means you are NOT eating what is for YOU a balanced diet. Meat or fish in itself is NOT what causes you to feel heavy, instead it is the LACK of BALANCE that brings about the feeling of heaviness. Your digestive and skin problems are related to your relationship with life around you. So ask yourself what it is about your life that you cannot stomach (digestion) and therefore cannot relate to (skin)? Your change in diet, because it increased the sensitivity of your nervous system, merely brought this issue into focus. So stop staring yourself blind at the face value. LOL! Does this have anything to do with your marriage by any chance? LOL!

Working with people in ANY way can be exceedingly draining unless you know how to protect yourself from their negative energy. By protect I mean knowing HOW to DETACH from people's problems so as not to IDENTIFY with where they are at. This is easy enough to explain, but not so easy to put into practice unless you know how. People tend to THINK that detachment means indifference, but this is not true. Detachment means the ABILITY to not identify. Operating from the heart is indeed the key to becoming truly detached, but you STILL need to LEARN HOW to detach, and this not something I can teach you in one email. But I can at least point you in the right direction by saying that the reason why you cannot detach from the children you are working with is because you get caught up in the face value of their challenges, rather than seeing WHY they call forth the challenges they have called forth. So to ask about how you can prevent being drained, is an INVALID question! The question you SHOULD ask yourself is WHY have you chosen to do this kind of work? Is it because you wish to be of service? And if so, ARE you truly being of service, for if you are you won't feel drained? Is it because you are a Do-Gooder? Is it because it makes you feel good about yourself? Being of service, my friend, can at times be hugely exhausting, but never draining. If you are being drained then power is trying to show you something. In this respect look at the familiarity issue that has arisen in your marriage. Where else are you being familiar?

You don't REALLY like working beyond the face value, do you? :) And I am beginning to suspect that you have your HEAD just a wee bit too high in the AIR! LMAO and <ebwg>

With warm regards,