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  • Joy, requirements for experiencing


The 9th Communique entitled "an appeal to all apprentinces" raises a number of crucial matters and I am very grateful that a fellow apprentice called forth this guidance on behalf of all of us. It is, for me personally, very crucial in that it raises issues that I was either not aware of or did not see as important.

It is also important in that it shows the extent of our responsibilities as apprentices: it goes way beyond personal enrichment and advancement. You can be assured of our support in this regard.

Theun: I find myself feeling joy and everytime I ask myself why I am happy I find that there is no particular reason for this joyfulness. Is it in the nature of the teaching that one goes in and out of these moods?


Thank you for the assurance of support. :) It is appreciated more than words can express, for the world and all of life upon our planet is today in dire straights.

You ask about your sense of joyfulness. It is natural to feel joy whenever we are in touch with our hearts. It is when we get caught up in the mind, and thereby lose touch with the heart, that the joy escapes us.

With warm regards,