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Theun, I read the dreaming symbols, and this is what I see so far:

It is a path with hope the one I am walking on.

I have the feeling that I am in the past, and I am a member of an Indian tribe.

In your symbols there is no jaguar mentioned, so I don't know which state of awareness
I am experiencing.

I feel joy with the baby jaguar in my arms, and I want to find security for him and my tribe.

The father jaguar shows me that I need strength and vitality, and he trusts on me his heritage:
forgiveness,compassion,openhearted integrity?


My friend, please remember in future that if you come back to me with a dream a second time, then you must again include it. Otherwise I have to waste time trying to find the dream again before I can answer you.

Your interpretation so far is not but you are being careless in not paying enough attention to the details of the dream. To demonstrate and explain the dream I will quote from your original email.

The Dream:

I am walking on a narrow path that is going through the Rocky Mountains. Suddenly I see on the right side a small niche and inside it a baby jaguar. I take him into my arms and I feel joy. I look at the path in front of me; it is going to a valley, and from there I see father and mother jaguar running tawards me. I feel their energy coming, and I am a little scared. The father jaguar stops in front of me, he fixes his bright yellow eyes into mine, and he tells me,
"You have to take care of our baby jaguar." He smiles and goes away followed by his companion.

"I am walking on a narrow path that is going through the Rocky Mountains."

This is the opening scene of the dream, and the opening scene is always the REAL message in the dream. What follows on from there is more information as to what you can expect. Your direction upon life is a NARROW path, meaning that there is no room for being half asleep and careless. It is easy to wander off a narrow path, and thereby lose your direction within life. Your circumstances within life, although they bring hope, are nonetheless "rocky," meaning that they are not exactly lush and green and with lots of life-giving water around. Therefore once again the message to be wide awake, respectful and careful in everything you do, think and feel.

"Suddenly I see on the right side a small niche and inside it a baby jaguar."

You are being shown something on your RIGHT side, meaning within normal awareness. But the niche is SMALL, meaning that you could easily MISS your gap to freedom. Your gap to freedom is symbolised by the baby jaguar. The fact that it is a baby means that whatever this gift from power is, it needs care and attention in order to grow and to mature. Jaguars are not universal symbols, which is why you cannot find it in the dream symbols. So it is up to YOU to find out what a jaguar represents for YOU! :) So I cannot help you with this, other than to once again point out that the message of the dream is CLEAR! Unless you are wide awake, respectful and make the effort to understand, you will miss this gift from power.

"I take him into my arms and I feel joy."

If you find your gift and embrace it, it will bring you much joy.

"I see father and mother jaguar running towards me. I feel their energy coming, and I am a little scared."

Your gift of power relates to both the male and the female sides of power, and this energy scares you. If you look at your male-female relationships it should become clear to you what frightens you about how you relate to both males and females.

"The father jaguar stops in front of me, he fixes his bright yellow eyes into mine....."

It is the male that will provide for you the lead you need, and the lead is CLEAR - "take CARE of what has been entrusted in your care." To do this you will need both clarity and vitality. In other words, you have no leeway to indulge in being a dumb and tired old woman! LOL!

"He smiles and goes away followed by his companion."

You have been given the guidance you need, and now it is up to YOU to do with it what you will! :)

Although it is still up to you to find out what jaguars represent for YOU, I would say that the overall message of this dream is that you are being given an opportunity right now, and it is up to YOU what you do with this opportunity. It is also clear from the dream that this opportunity is very evident, even in right side awareness, so there is no need for you to play dumb or helpless. It therefore does not surprise me that the very first thing you did upon joining us was to make me level my sword at you! LOL! You are no longer young, my friend, and you have no time to waste. You can either see your opportunity here with us as your gap to freedom, or you can continue to indulge in your old and normal doings, but if you do, you will lose your direction upon life. In other words, I see this as your dreamer saying to you, this is your LAST chance in this lifetime. I see your dream as being a VERY strong wake-up call!

Oh, and by the way, I have NO idea from where you suddenly find Indians! LOL! DROP the romance, my dear friend. You are HERE, and you are here NOW, so stop the CRAP about past lifetimes! Next you will be Joan of Arc and then Mary Queen of Scots, then Jonah! And then the big bad whale, not the big bad wolf, but the big bad WHALE will swallow you, and THAT will be that - the end of Little Miss. Muffet sitting on her tuffet! <ebwg>

With warm regards,