Parent (s), dead or absent from Warriors' Experience

  • Parent (s), dead or absent


Théun and All, when I was driving home tonight the sky was prematurely grey and there were large dark rain clouds above. Then I realised that there was one little patch, the size of a sixpence, blue sunny sky, and an almost perfect oval. Right in front of me!

I have felt disillusioned recently by myself and my own frustrations and limitations, to such an extent I could, seriously, give all of this hard work up and just wake up as a baby somewhere else. I am a "grumpy bum." LOL!

I have read the discussions around the "inevitability" of 2012, the recent communiqués and long complicated requests and summaries. All followed by some "grumpy bum" guidance, in part summarising all that is wrong. The stressful ideas about the men in grey suits removing our freedom to communicate on the Internet. Obviously I want the living god to win. All these battles are too hard? Eek! But life makes us as tough as old boots.

I am now keeping firmly focussed on my little blue patch .

I would like to ask some questions about race, religions and types. I have read some of the writings on typical traits and behaviour and what each represents and how this can lead to the temptation to include and exclude. I am a racial mixture from four continents so I need to know about me? I have got a complex about this, which I deal with daily, dodging the arrows, laughing and crying at the same time. It has often broken my heart.

I would also like to know a bit more about absent or dead parents and this effect on children. What are the consequences of not being parented? In the writings there is a lot about the influence of weak and strong gendered parents. What about dead, absent or missing? My father died when I was six and my mother abdicated all responsibility, she left a houseful of kids to ourselves. A lot of kids like me dragged ourselves up, LOL, and what an adventure that was!


My lovely heartfelt friend, I will GLADLY answer your questions about race, except that you forgot to tell me WHICH races you herald from. All you have told me is that you are a racial mixture from four different continents! The mind boggles! Are you saying that it took four parents from four continents to bring you to birth? Sounds like quite a wild party to me! <ebwg> Or are you also including your grand parents? <w> Laugh, my good friend! Laugh! It is more pleasurable that way, especially if one is a THOUROUGHBRED mongrel! LOL!

Absent or dead parents? What is there to say about this? A dead parent is dead! Not much input to be had from a dead person, parent or otherwise. And an absent parent is absent! Same result! Not too much input other than feeling VERY abandoned and fearful! But I guess I never spelled all this out in the books because it is so very obvious. LAMOF! So rather than worry about dead and absent parents, would it not be MUCH more useful for you and me to talk about you feeling abandoned, and about the fear this generates in you, and then about the effects of this fear? Once we can do this much, you and I can then discuss the superb GIFTS in all of this for you! And then you and I can be happy and smiling and looking at that blue oval of sunshine in the sky! Yes? B-:)

With my warmest regards and much laughter,
Your grumpy bum, <w>,