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Théun, working with dreams is entirely new, as we were discouraged from paying any attention whatsoever to dreams in the Gurdjieff community. (We were also thoroughly discouraged from any breathing exercises, so the dreaming practice is new as well. Something like tasting forbidden fruit!)

Following is my best recollection of a dream I had April 4 and my attempt to interpret it. [The dreaming symbols I looked up are enclosed in brackets].

In my dream I was reading instructions from a Sacred Book [spiritual searching within the common view of the world] on how to succeed on a Quest. The instructions suggested taking an extremely miniscule amount of "buttons" (a powerful perception-altering drug) as a help. My husband and I decided to do so. I looked up from the book and the drug morphed into a man/shaman with "evil intent" looking at us with narrowed eyes, wanting to sell us drugs. I felt fear and began reading the instructions from the Book again. Then I discovered everything I needed to know was being channeled to me through my chest [honesty/lack of] in a continuous, tangible flow, which I then shared with my husband. I looked up from the book and the next thing I knew we were on a Quest [possible indication of destiny].

I was pregnant and felt hampered by my "vulnerable, weakened condition" (self-pity). My husband and I were being helped by a Toltec Guide (symbolized by an apprentice I worked with for a time). The Guide was helping us to evade the shaman/"buttons" who was following us and gave us advice on a series of "trials/tasks" coming up. I whined about being pregnant, that maybe next time he should reconsider bringing along someone in "my condition" on such a physically challenging journey. The Guide just listened. Then I dropped the whining and followed along as best I could, still focused on "my condition".

Then I became totally engaged in the trials. I could feel myself going in and out of the flow of knowledge/instructions through my chest. For awhile I was separated from my husband. I found myself in a large room [common view of the world/social conditioning] situated between the wall and women walking/dancing across the room in a horizontal row. At first I was watching, focused on their calves [memory, subconscious knowledge] showing below their skirts. When they came to the end of the room, turned around and began moving again, I joined them on the far left side of the row, the women to my right. The first time through I noticed our lineup was distorted by a wooden chair that was in my path, causing the line to shift to compensate for it. We came to the end of the room and turned around, this time placing me on the far right side of the row. I didn't notice the chair while watching the women to my left closely. When we again turned around, placing me now on their left, I was able to scoot the chair [comfort zone] out of the way somewhat with my left foot [perception/understanding], lessening the distortion to our lineup. I felt great satisfaction in being able to assist the group effort. I glanced through a doorway [possibility] to my left [left-side knowledge/feeling] as we passed and saw someone observing us from a distance.

(Gap in my memory.) The last trial my husband and I were together swimming/walking [desire to be accepted/loved] through a river. We encountered two [symbol of destiny] mythical beasts [power/magic or indication of fate] threatening us - one looked like a huge cobra snake [need for wisdom] that I called a lizard in the dream, which my husband gallantly shot in the head with a rifle [need for protection/abilities/talents]; and the other was like an alligator/dinosaur [humility and understanding/need for] which my husband killed by sinking a pitchfork into the "soft spot" we somehow knew was on the top of its head. I felt warmth, gratitude and pride at my husband's accomplishments.

I realized then that I was dreaming and the dream was significant and I must wake myself up to write it down. (It took three tries before my body reluctantly woke up.) After recording the dream, I wrote that my right side now had symbols in its inventory to work with (from reading and studying the Dreaming Symbols) so that my left side could communicate to me.

The overall dream symbolizes possibilities open to me - but only if I can drop my indulging in self-pity/self-importance and act on guidance given (from within and from my Toltec Guide). With ruthless honesty, I can let go of dependence upon the mind and tap directly into knowledge/wisdom from the left side. I can unlearn social conditioning if I'm willing to recapitulate everything and push past my comfort zone. Perhaps there are some "trials" ahead, but together my husband (or perhaps my inner male) and I can meet the challenges they pose, leading to unconditional love and the satisfaction of being a serviceable team.

Théun, are there other nuances of meaning that I have missed? Do you have any comment to add?

Thank you!


This is a wonderful dream, in that it is extremely profound. Your interpretation is also very good. As this is new to you, well done! B-:) I will just like to give you a little more insight into what you have already worked out for yourself.

What you are being shown in this dream is the unfoldment of a big part of your fate in this lifetime. The Sacred Book, apart from its normal symbology, shows that you are indeed an Easterly lady, but I cannot yet see if you are a stalker or a dreamer.

It is also clear from the dream that the part of your fate you are being shown is to work with women in a very harmonious but nonetheless orderly way (dancing in a line). This again shows the distinctive qualities of the East. It is also clear that women accept you, and that because of their trust in you, you will remove the comfort zone (chair) that are today hampering women from claiming their full power as females. The biggest comfort zone for women the world over today, is to fall into what comes very naturally for them, namely, Mother's Awareness.

Your pregnancy in the dream is quite the most exciting part of the dream, for it shows that you will be bringing into life the New. :) But, as you were also shown, you will at first resist this and feel hard-done-by. LOL!

What is disturbing about the dream is the strong warning of the danger to succumb to a lack in discrimination (the drug). It shows that in order for this part of your fate to be unfolded, you are going to be challenged on your ability to discriminate. However, clarity will come if you uphold honesty above all else. Because there is a Toltec guide involved, this suggests that the challenge will come surrounding the Toltec teachings, but specifically shamanism (the shaman). As this guide is someone you already know, you will have to look very carefully at what this person mirrors for you and your husband. This warning is again repeated in the two beasts encountered. You will need both wisdom as well as humility and understanding in order to fulfil your mission (quest), and I might also add, courage. :) However, you will get the support you need from the male, and one who is close to you, like your husband. You are also shown that this challenge will come in the form of you and your husband wanting to be loved and accepted - something that makes you both vulnerable to manipulation (the shaman).

The presence watching you through the doorway from a distance, is indication that you will be receiving powerful guidance throughout this mission (quest) from your own dreamer. Also, the fact that your dreamer actually commanded you to wake up and record the dream, proves this. Once you have mastered the dreaming technique guidance from your dreamer will be greatly expedited. :) So now you have no mores excuses about not getting on with dreaming! <w> and LOL!

My friend, your dream makes me exceedingly happy for your sake, for if the truth be told, I knew from when you first wrote to me years ago, that you have a life of service ahead of you, and that you will still be doing some great work. But I also knew that then you were not yet ready to work with me, but that the time would come. Now you are here, and now you receive this powerful guidance through your dream. However, my seer's instincts in following your dream also tell me that once you DO start to become of service, you are no longer going to be as popular as you are now. People (symbolised by the shaman) will not like you rocking the boat, and will therefore try to manipulate you into their way of thinking. This may even lead to you and your husband being separated for a while, unless you are both very careful not to fall for the manipulation by learning to discriminate with wisdom, humility and understanding. So be prepared to hold onto your hat! LOL!

I must also ask about your husband, for he has been in and out of my awareness for over a week now. I at first saw him as being a very weak and ineffectual man that relies heavily upon you to make the decisions. But after this dream I now suspect that he presented himself to my seer's vision in this way because he is a Courier, and therefore feminine relative to you. For more information on this please check the archive. If your husband does indeed prove to be Courier it will throw even more light on your dream. I apologise for having to ask about your husband, for it is not that I am trying to pry into your private affairs, but rather that I would like to help you as much as I can.

With my warmest regards,