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Oh boy. Crowd control. This is not teaching. Only control issues, only things to fight. Is this a pointless battle? What is the real battle here? It cannot be to win authority over the children by getting them to spit out gum, sit on the seats, not run out of the classroom, take off their coats, stop playing with mobiles and listening to ipods.

Trying to get them to learn something is an uphill battle, the science text books I was given to teach with were incorrect, the work set is beyond most the children. There are security guards with walkie talkies and teachers and police.

The children are revealing themselves, yet so few can be got through to. The school rules for dealing with bad behaviour are by excluding kids from classes, shouting at them and detaining them during break and after school. None of them want to be there, they dislike each other, spiteful racism and bullying is rife.

I see between 100 and 150 different kids a day, with not enough time and resources to get to know them and spend time with them, apart from in detentions. Text books are more likely to be destroyed than read. No wonder the school wanted me (LOL), maybe the school would have taken just anybody.

They all just want to fight and the system is set up so that they can.

I personally do not care if they chew gum and wear coats or jewellery. However, I agreed to uphold school rules to 'prepare for learning' by enforcing these rules. Where is the teaching? All the time is spent telling the kids what to do, getting them quiet and even sometimes standing at the door to the classroom to stop them leaving the room.

Many teachers just seem to let them get on with whatever they want so that at least the class is easy to manage, there are a few who seem to get off on showing us how they can control classes with big loud voices, and there are some wonderful teachers who give their whole selves to the work at hand and have inspired their classes at least enough to learn something. The majority seem to be quite happy to keep shouting and demanding quiet and getting a modicom of work done. These teachers have the same classes each week and can at least build up some form of rapport with their students.
There is only an uneasy silence if a senior teacher with a walkie talkie comes into the room to take a major offender away somewhere, and then only sometimes.

Haved I missed the plot? Shed some light on this please Theun. I am truly doing the best I can and grab every opportunity to communicate with these disaffected children and listen to them in a school where nobody laughs and the conversations of the staff room are about how to deal with this kid or exclude (suspend) that kid. I also do my best to assist those who have a pen in their hand to understand what is required of them, by helping them to understand the work that has been set.

The system does not work. The teachers are stressed and stretched. What am I supposed to do? Apart from the drama class I teach, I am given cover work, which means I do not know who or what I am to be teaching until 8am on the day of teaching.

We are all locked in prison as soon as the steel school gates clang shut.

I am considering looking at alternatives, leaflet distribution or taxi radio control, or something. Aaaaahhh! (LOL)


My dear friend, what you are experiencing in the UK schools is the very thing I warned against when I was still involved in education. However, although I fought gallantly and with all the courage I could muster, I was a lone voice in the wilderness. Even then I could see that this is the work of the Old Sorcerers. Bring in laws that appear to protect the rights of children, and bring in more laws to punish parents and teachers for not upholding laws that engender lawlessness in children, so as to breed future generations of illiterate delinquents. Illiterate delinquents are EASY to control and to manipulate, and if all else fails, they can be used for cannon fodder!

I fought for a number of years, first as a school teacher, and then as a school inspector. As inspector I travelled from school to school and from city to city, always bringing to the attention of teachers, school principals, my fellow school inspectors and the Director of Education, to whose office I was reporting directly, the danger of lawlessness in children, but to no avail! I published one paper after another on child behaviour in schools, on the responsibility of parents and teachers, and on education versus academic schooling, but no-one listened until it was too late. Once I could see it was too late, I resigned from education and never went back. :(

It is too late now, my friend. It is going to take GENERATIONS before we can again restore education to what it should be. But we can only contemplate doing this ONCE we have defeated the Old Sorcerers. Until then we are fighting a losing battle! :(

If I were you I would start looking for another job. But for purely practical reasons keep this job until you find an alternative source of income. This is what is meant by making the system work for you. :) Whilst we are on this note, what exactly are your skills? For example, would you be able to teach English in Slovakia? :) Could you work as a housekeeper in an English speaking home? :)

With warm regards,