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Theun, in response to your comments:

"Bring in laws that appear to protect the rights of children, and bring in more laws to punish parents and teachers for not upholding laws that engender lawlessness in children, so as to breed future generations of illiterate delinquents. Illiterate delinquents are EASY to control and to manipulate, and if all else fails, they can be used for cannon fodder!"

Today, the most popular newspaper in UK reports "The Armed Forces will be drafted in to run state schools under plans to drive up discipline and respect in classrooms" and another article on the same page states "A record one in five children is classified as having special educational needs at school, official figures revealed yesterday" So, there we go. Game on.

I read last week of a pilot project in place in North Wales, where the children have to carry identity cards that have tracking devices incorporated into them.

The school I am working in, was one that I taught in 20 years ago. There has been such a marked difference in the children from then to now. Many are violent and angry and just want to fight all the time, everything and anybody. These children have so many fears of ill health and sickness as well as fears generated from films about the 'supernatural'.

The other major difference I note, is that before, there were characters, some children stood out in their attitudes or abilities or naughtiness. It was relatively easy to identify the ones who had difficulties at home, those who were abused, those who were spoilt and those who just liked rebelling. Now, all the children are stereotypes. Even the ones who think they are individual, are just like all the other 'individual' ones, they all behave and react in the same monotype ways. In the past it was easier to identify the needs of individuals, because they were individuals, now, the needs and character seem to be lost and I have to dig deeper to see who these children are.

Working with 25 children aged 12 yesterday, I asked them to write four feelings down each on a bit of paper, almost every one of them expressed feelings of anger and unhappiness, only three mentioned the word love and two the word happiness. Other words were 'upset, lonely, sad, depressed, miserable' etc. What can we do to shine some light for these children? They know they are growing up into a world that is cold and hard. It saddens me to see how their futures may pan out in the current society. If drugs, prison or death do not get them, how will they survive and what are they to inherit?

I have been involved in the drama exams, the year 11s have to create a short play. There were eight plays. Every play had murder, death, illness, violence, domestic arguements, evil angels and many had prison and drugs too. There was no light in any of them. No beauty, no joy. They are acting out how they see life! The national curriculum insists that we teach about murder, anorexia, drug use etc. There is no space to teach hope and life.

A couple of years ago, I was speaking to my brother about the kids we grew up with. We listed them and discovered that over half of them had either died, become addicted to drugs or were in prison. That percentage has risen greatly for many children in 'deprived areas' now.

If the Old Sorcerors go too far, the silly buggers will not even have anybody left to be cannon fodder and manipulate. Oh Brave New World!

There must be something I can do to help. My resources seem to be so limited in this situation. I just want to take them all away from this and show them another way of living. These are sad times. Today I gave a frightened a child a hug, and you know, that is against the school rules. It hurts. I weep for these kids, even the nasty ones. What will become of them?


:) Thank you for having shared, my friend. But because this is a sharing I will refrain from giving you guidance, for I know that you are just having to release the pressure.

I will offer only this: I understand your deep sense of anguish, for I too feel it in terms of where humanity is at today. But we must also realise that even amidst this endless and growing chaos there is a great and divine plan busy unfolding. Humanity HAD to come to this extremely sad and utterly destructive phase of its evolution in order to wake up from the MADNESS of the dream! Apparently, there was no other way! Humanity has become TOO complacent and lazy for it to have transpired in any other way. But for those of us who ARE awake this is also a moment of unprecedented opportunity! So let us take heart, take hands and take courage, and see what we CAN do. But one thing I can tell you for sure - we are NOT going to be able to change the schools without FIRST changing the system! :)

With all my warmth,