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Theun, in my last request for guidance I asked you why I could not go beyond the "Cry of the Eagle". Taking your advise I was amazed to find that I could grasp (certainly not intellectually) the contents of the "Mists of Dragon Lore".

Thank you.

My next question is on entering the colour. I am battling with this although I had some 5 years ago managed to enter the colour. It was a deep blue colour (similar to the background colour of the nagal's insignia in the public section of this site). At the time I deliberately did not sound the declaration for two reasons: 1) I felt I did not know the missing four words in the declaration and 2) I felt it was not necessary at the time to sound the declaration.

Since then I have not been able to enter the colour. Please advise.


LOL! Your dreamer got tired of waiting for you, and so deserted you to your dithering and doubting. <wg> But don't worry, I am just pulling your leg! <w>

You became stale by staying in the same spot for so long. Simply stop doing the dreaming practice for say three months, and then start afresh. You do not again have to start with setting up the conditioned reflex, for you already have it. So when starting again, just do the Cleansing Breath, wait until you are fully relaxed and then proceed. In time the colour should again come to you. When it does enter it and WAIT for the words to present themselves in your consciousness. But do NOT expect them to be SOUNDED! LOL! Instead they will come to you as FEELINGS. Trust your interpretation of those feelings. If your interpretation is wrong you will begin to feel this, and then you can try another interpretation until it feels right, and so on. In due course of experimentation you will have all four words correct. You will know they are correct when they FEEL right.

Unfortunately the colour your describe is not the colour of my own Dreaming Class, that being the Wolf, and so I do not know what your words of power are. All I know is what I have shared with you above. Had you been a Wolf I could have imparted the four words to you once you enter the colour.

I trust this guidance will serve you.

With my warmest regards,