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Théun, thank you so much for meeting me at the Temple of Peace. It really helped me to tune into where I am going and what I am planning to do. I would like to have met more people there but maybe the time was not right? My new knowledge is all "stewing" at the moment. It was interesting that you mentioned fundraising because I used to work as a fundraiser in the voluntary sector. I had forgotten about that time in my life. I loved that job.

The more tuned in I become the more strange things happen! I had to drive to a meeting today in an unfamiliar town, three hours away from my home town. I got hopelessly lost looking for an office. I even thought I might not make it and didn't even have a proper map or anyone's phone number. I imagined I would feel a fool when I explained what happened to my boss! I randomly stopped a man to ask for directions and he told me that he worked there and got in the car and directed me. Intelligent co-operation: He got a drive to work and I was shown where I needed to be.

Just before I came to visit you I bought a new jumper for the trip, yellow and orange and very sunny. Not my usual colour at all! I surprised myself! I realised why when you told me I was a South person not a West person! What a surprise that was! LOL. Now I have to readapt my thinking about myself. I have become a slightly more aggressive driver. LOL! Dont know what I will do with a sword <wg>

I realise that I may have appeared more West because three years ago I had gone through a sad period in my life. I too easily put others before myself and my social conditioning often hides my anger. Now I know this I am able to change.

What contribution can a South person make? Can you tell me more about this type of person or where the details are?

Can I remain confident about being a stalker? I hope so and I feel so. Even though I do have the odd significant dream I don't feel as if I am a natural dreamer. Am I?

I have rarely taken off anywhere or blanked out this world. Although I will keep trying to learn the techniques.


My dear friend, it was a great pleasure to have you at the Temple. :) You did not meet many of the others because I keep them out of mischief by making them work HARD! <ww>

You can read everything you need to know about the South in the books! I am not going to reiterate here what is already CARE-FULLY explained in the books! LOL! But read EVERYTHING about the South, not just about those beings that belong to the South. :) You will also find information about the South in the Library.

You are not a stalker. LOL! You are a dreamer through and through. :) A Southerly Dreamer, all warm, motherly and nurturing, and NOT to be messed with! <w>

With warm regards,