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  • Serving, a call to


Théun, firstly, let me express my gratitude to you and your team for the excellent work you have done in setting up the Legacy and disseminating the Teachings. I have long anticipated your announcement and being part of this facility has made my heart sing.

I am 38, married and have 2 sons. I run a consultancy office in Greece and I am graduate of Information Systems and Management.

I have received some interesting aspects of esoteric Teachings back in 1994 and I have to admit that my life has never been the same again, despite the fact that I had never the chance to work with a nagal. I have read your 1st book back in 2001 and it was only after a couple of years that after a second reading, I was really hooked and by end of this period I had carefully studied all your books. The last years these books and the Teachings has been my companion and have given me strength, courage and uplifting power and I feel extremely grateful for that.

I have read carefully all the communiqués so far and despite my relatively late letter to you, I certainly feel the spirit within your words and kind advice.

There are a lot of personal issues I would like to share with you and gain clarity with regard, for example, to my parents and family, my marriage and this lifetime's challenges. I was also surprised about the Old Sorcerers references in your communiqués and, again, I seek advice on the current global challenges. I am happy to have you by my side and I intend to take this opportunity to better face my challenges as a father, a husband, an employer, a business executive and an apprentice (issues on active / passive dreaming, dreaming class, etc.).

Nevertheless, the reason for writing this very first letter to you is not merely to ask for advice. I certainly need that and I plan to send you a short letter each 10 days, in order to have the opportunity to properly formulate my question, understand your answer and try to respect the time of both you and my fellow apprentices. I also hope that when we will have completed a first round of letters, it will be the right time for me to visit you at the Temple.

The actual reason for writing is to ask some advice on how, can I really be of service to you with regard to your call for active participation in communicating the Teachings and devote more of our time as expressed in your Communiqué 9.

Whenever in the past, I have tried to suggest your books to some friends the feedback was mostly the same; doubts about the Toltec tradition and key aspects of the Teachings in contrast with the established way of thinking. I find it very difficult to explain some basic concepts of the Teachings, despite all these years of studying. This is indeed the case whenever I have attempted to do so in business people and academics that, as you are aware, are used to the rationalistic way of thinking as expressed by our "education" and applied in our everyday lives in science, business, medicine, etc.

I understand that this is a mirror of my own doubts and I am sure that when the time is right I will be much more ready to disseminate the right message. However, if the challenge is to increase our numbers and do it fast, the issue of explaining and disseminating the Teachings is quite an important one. I am a quiet introverted type of person and this would definitely not have been my first priority in my communication to you under other circumstances. However, I understand that the time pressure is tight and one of your (our) priorities is to pass the message to a wider audience. I would therefore be grateful to have some advice and/or some references on the issue.

With Warm Regards
Your apprentice


My dear friend, welcome in our midst, and may your journey with us be everything, and more, than what you hope for! :)

Your very sincere and heartfelt email and wanting to be of service touches me deeply. :) And as you are not the first one to step forward to answer my appeal in Communiqué 9, perhaps the time has come that I should fill all of you in on what has been transpiring since then. Most of the people who, like you, have stepped forward to offer assistance have been writing to me privately, which is why there is not much on Toltec Legacy. But I will now explain, and see what we can do TOGETHER, yes? :) To do this I will start from the beginning.

When we came to Slovakia we brought with us a considerable amount of money, and I also brought with most of the furnishings from Warrior's Keep so that we would not have to buy that again here in Slovakia. Most of the money we brought with us has been used in buying Firdale Brook, the Temple of Peace, in developing Toltec Legacy, which was no small cost, and in renovating Firdale Brook, because Firdale Brook was not fit to live in when we bought it. Originally I had hoped that Toltec Legacy, once launched, would bring in the money that is needed for the development of the Game of Life, as well as provide us with money for living expenses. However, it is now clear to me that Toltec Legacy is serving a purpose that does not allow for it at the moment to generate any real money to speak of. The current number of subscribers do not even VAGUELY cover our monthly expenses. The reasons for this, as I have said, are now clear to me, and I have NO problem with this, except that this means we now have to look for other ways in which to raise the needed funds.

I will not bore you with the reasons, other than to mention one of the MAIN reasons that Toltec Legacy is not financially viable right now. This reason lies in the fact that I have to INVEST in far more INDIVIDUAL guidance to those of you who are here now, than will be necessary later on. This I can do because you are only a few subscribers right now, fifty plus. But once we start getting into the thousands, which will still happen, :) , I will have to switch to video conferencing so as to be able to give guidance to so many people. This will necessitate GROUP guidance, rather than INDIVIDUAL guidance, and although this IS very MUCH the future, it is still too early for this now. Group guidance will be EXTREMELY beneficial for all subscribers to Toltec Legacy, especially as you will be able to see and hear me in person, but the time is not yet. Right now I first have to INVEST time and energy in all of you, the existing subscribers, and do this on an INDIVIDUAL basis. The reason for this is so that you, the existing subscribers, can become a STRONG core group that will help to carry later subscribers, especially when we start to have thousands of subscribers. Technically this is all WAY too complicated to explain, so I am not even going to try! LOL! But this is as it stands right now in preparation for the future.

What we have started to do is to turn our attention to starting a financially viable business in order to raise the funds we need, not only for living expenses, but also for the no small cost that will be involved in developing the Game of Life. We are busy with this, but it will take time. But........because it will take time, I cannot take the risk of us running out of living expenses before we start to generate income. This means that if I see that the business is going to take too long before generating a fair income, we will have to stop with any further development of the work and focus our energies instead on earning money for a living. This does not mean that I will shirk my responsibility towards any of you, but it will mean that people like Adrian, and some others too, who are now heavily engaged in developing the needed technologies and software, will have to stop development and take on commercial work until we do again have funds to continue working. Now although this all sounds very logical and reason-able, LOL, it worries me terribly simply because humanity has run out of time. Every month we lose in terms of our work in development could translate in EFFECT to being as much as a YEAR in the life of humanity, for humanity as of yet, collectively, moves very slowly. And I am NOT exaggerating! I MEAN it! So one way or another I am desperately HOPING that we WILL be able to start earning GOOD income very soon, so that we can continue with being of service to humanity, instead of having to be concerned about putting food on the table.

I share this with you all, NOT because I have ANY wish whatsoever of presenting ourselves as a charity case, LOL, but in the spirit of sharing so as to see if COLLECTIVELY you can find a quick way in which to help us raise the required funds. If so, this will be your initial ACT of being of service to humanity, for it is imperative that we get the Game of Life launched as soon as possible. But without the necessary capital we are going nowhere fast! So if you have marketing expertise, or if you have any bright business ideas, or any other suggestions, I am all EARS! :) and LOL! In having said this, realise that we should still try to bring more people to Toltec Legacy, but I can see that this is going to be SLOW for the time being. What, however, will help a great deal is when we launch the videos of Elizabeth and me sometime this week or early next week. I say it will help because through video we can reach a far greater number of people that still do not know that we exist! LOL! The two new websites will also help to some extent.

With warm regards,