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  • Money, the challenge surrounding, example of


Dear Friends, I just finished reading Theun's response in communique 19 in which he shared where they are at. I want to share what is going on for me after reading it.

If we were all willing to SHARE financially as much as we can then we could at least possibly keep Adrian at the helm. Theun, I certainly do not see you and your unit as a charity case, LOL! My heart is aching.
Years ago when I was a needle drug addict I left a person whom I considered my "friend" to die, I walked away from him and just left him there. I chose the preservation and safety of my little life situation over friendship. I wept bitter tears once I realized what I had done. I feel we, the subscribers, are at a similar moment of decision. I know that none of what makes up my life situation will mean a damn once it is too late to turn back. I do not wish to repeat the choice I made in the past.

My friends what do we have to lose by sharing more than may seem reasonable? If we hold back due to wanting to preserve our life situations we may well forfeit our fleeting moment of chance to play our part in this life.

We would be sharing our finances to not only benefit ourselves and loved ones but all of humanity!
Imagine the world coming crashing down around our ears and knowing full well we did not give our all. I am not saying this to instill fear but to share that my heart is breaking.

I believe in you Theun! And I believe in all of us and it is from this belief that I share. Life keeps demonstrating to me over and over again to take action and it will support. I strongly believe that if we the subscribers act from a place of belief in ourselves and "Toltec Legacy" then life will open up wondrous doors of opportunity in response, I already see it happening. We have to believe or else what we are doing here are half measures, keeping the back door open in case this does not work out. I also feel that if we do not step up then we are saying we the "core group" are not ready for the work that is to be assigned us therefore Theun and his group will have to go the route of the commercially viable business as a result. Kind of like Life asking if we are we ready to play our part ? If we say "no I need to do this or that first" then Theun and his unit will also need to go do "this or that first". Toltec Legacy will have to wait until those who are ready arrive and then they will be able to carry on with the work :( . You see we are all needed to play our parts in order for the show to go on :) . We are all searching for how we can play our part and wondering what it is, well how about with this simple financial need? Nothing complicated needed from us only willingness, commitment, and sacrifice, but the mind is hard pressed to come up with them, LOL. And if we are not willing to commit to a small sacrifice then why would life provide us with the next step in service which requires an even greater willingness to commit to sacrifice? Or do we want to know the outcome before we take the step, LOL?

I do not know how it goes with the rest of you but in attempting to reach out to others with the teachings I promptly learned that I have kept my journey on the Warriors path a sort of secret and in so doing I have not had to give it my all, like keeping a girlfriend and not marrying her. This is a chance to put our money where our mouths are literally, LOL. I also notice that I have to believe because without this I cannot become the myth, and how could I possibly share my heart without becoming the myth? I have found that without this all I end up doing is trying to share from my mind and it ends up accomplishing little. Whereas I know that there have been times when I have shared and it was as if someone else spoke, my mind certainly could not piece together such inspiration.

What I propose is that everyone share as much as they are able and willing in order to assist Toltec Legacy cover their costs.

We set up a regional representative in each country or continent, as is appropriate, and this person receives the funds from all people in his or her region. Then the representative forwards the money to Toltec Legacy. This route cuts the cost of money wiring fees, rather than it all being sent individually and each person paying the fees.

I am willing to be the Canadian representative, and I will send $100.00 Canadian per month TO START. I am hoping that others here will participate too for the cost of sending $100.00 by wire is ridiculous, LOL.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to let Toltec Legacy know the amounts we were willing to commit in order assist them in getting a better idea of money coming in :) .

We can meet in the living room to get this going, if this is agreeable to you Theun.
Is this agreeable to you Theun?
Would you and your unit be open to this kind of support? I do not believe I am operating as a do-gooder here, however I am asking?
With an aching heart.

P.S. I do not know if I managed to articulate what I feel, the words seem to fall so far short. LAMOF


My dear friend, your very sincere and heartfelt desire to be of financial assistance to us is an ACT that touches me more deeply than words can ever express. :) From the bottom of my heart, thank you, my friend! :)

But I was NOT looking to all of you for financial assistance. Instead I was making an appeal to you to come up with ideas and suggestions on how to get the business we are wanting to start off the ground, and also for possible offers of help in doing so. This is the only help we need right now, for we are not YET destitute! LOL! It is just that in being the alpha male of a rather large family I cannot afford to wait until the last possible moment before starting to take action. So to put your mind at ease - we are not YET destitute, but unless we start to produce a viable income soon we WILL be destitute. LOL! However, I believe that if we get a contract with the Russian company we are dealing with, and launch the business successfully, this business will bring in the kind of money we NEED in order to keep on being of service to humanity. To give you some idea of the kind of figures we are talking about here; just to run our own servers and to provide you with the bandwidth and the facilities you have on Toltec Legacy, costs us 4000euros per month, and this does not include the cost of the hardware that was spent on this installation. Keeping the Temple of Peace going and putting food on the table for a family of our size, costs a small fortune every month. And then we also still have to keep on building new accommodation for those who are coming to join us at the Temple. :) And building costs money.

However, notwithstanding what I have shared above, there is MUCH merit in what you have learned about yourself in having pondered my appeal to you all. I say this so that you will not feel that I am rejecting your offer to help. No. I am not rejecting your offer, and neither do I wish to invalidate your feelings, much less invalidate what you are learning as a result of our situation. :) But, my friend, I also wish you to realise that even IF you were all to contribute 100 dollars per month, as gracious and as kind hearted as this would be, we would STILL be in dire straights UNLESS we start to produce the kind of income we need. Investing in doing the kind of work we are doing is, quite frankly, a bottomless pit for now! LOL! But I also KNOW that we can DO this. This is NOT the first time in my life that I have needed money, but whenever I have needed money power has always supported me in me either making or else finding the money that I needed. I do not have any reason to believe that this time it will be different. :)

It is true that Toltec Legacy is not producing the income I had hoped for, but as I have already explained, I can now also very clearly see the reasons why power is not supporting Toltec Legacy in this way. But this does not mean that Toltec Legacy is a failure, for Toltec Legacy was not developed ONLY in order to make money! LOL! But as Toltec Legacy is not destined to make money YET, we have to find OTHER ways in which to make money NOW. And it really is as simple as this. Money right now is but yet another challenge amongst many other challenges in the life of this old War Horse. LOL! But our challenges within life, my friend, are also invariably gifts of power! So do not be distressed about our situation. Let us rather FACE this challenge TOGETHER, and fight with everything we have got.

Warriors LIVE by challenge, and I KNOW that we are WORTHY of this challenge! :) And I say this NOT because I am being complacent, or arrogant, or conceited. No. I am saying we are worthy, because I have worked long and hard to BE the BEST warrior I CAN be with the knowledge that is available to me right NOW, right HERE! And because of this I also KNOW that the outcome of this battle is not in MY hands! The only thing that is required of me is to let my spirit flow strong and clear, as I give this battle my EVERY-THING! B-:)

With all my love and warmth to a very dear friend,
And a great big hug too,