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Theun, with reference to Article 1233, I would like to continue to work with you on the issue of heteroflexibility. It has been a while since I have written because I'm having some trouble with your last advice. I do thank you for the support and reassurance that you offered but I don't understand what you instructed me to do specifically.

You asked me to digest everything you wrote. Believe me, I've read the guidance many many times, slowly, quickly, shifting focus, etc. I think that I digested it but I still don't know what you wanted me to accomplish before writing back to you again and proceeding together with the next step.

When you said that through this work we may be able to help a great many men who suffer from heteroflexibility, it really hit home with me and I would love to be of service in this way. I feel that it is a great contribution to humanity that I am in a unique position to offer but....I'm sorry, I don't know what exactly you're asking me to do right now through your last advice. LAMOF

Would it help if I met you in person? I am looking financially at a possible trip to the Temple of Peace in September but I would like to work with you on this via Toltec Legacy right now.


LOL! If you have pondered deeply the last guidance I gave you, then you in fact HAVE done what I asked you to do.

Because this is such a deeply sensitive issue in your life I first wanted you to reflect and ponder deeply upon all possible implications for YOU before proceeding with giving you any more guidance. I say this, my friend, NOT to alarm you, but rather to EN-COURAGE you! Facing this challenge, which is indeed a challenge we as Toltecs do not YET know a great deal about, is going to be arduous for both of us because of its highly PERSONAL nature. Of course ALL challenges are personal to a greater or lesser extent, but a challenge surrounding our sexual identity is always, without fail, exceedingly personal, and therefore ANY attempt at providing guidance tends to be at best, what I like to describe as invasive! Not easy for you or for me! :)

I welcome your offer to be of service to humanity by offering yourself for us to work with. However, as you will need to share a great deal of very personal information with me, I do not feel that it will be appropriate for you and me to let it all hang out, as the expression goes, here in front of all your fellow apprentices. I see NO good reason for such a LACK in dignity and self-respect. So what I would like to suggest is that you and I work on this in private, and that I then release into the database what you and I discover in terms of KNOWLEDGE gained. This is all that is required. The journey of HOW we get to that knowledge does NOT have to become public property! LOL!

If you are happy with my suggestion, and if you are still wanting us to proceed with this, then let me know and we can start working on this. Also, to answer your question re coming to the Temple; if you CAN come to see me in person at the Temple, it will help, but it is not a necessity. In working with this all I need is to have you answer my questions as they arise, and then I have to do the necessary research within the web of life in order to find out how the answers you provide me with fit into the greater scheme of life. And such research work, depending upon how many threads I can find to follow, can take a LONG time! LOL! So do not think this is something we can do with one quick visit to the Temple. You may well grow old sitting at the Temple whilst I dig around in the web of life trying to find threads to follow! LOL! As I mentioned to you before, I have been doing research on the issue surrounding heteroflexibility for quite a few years now, and although I have uncovered quite a lot of knowledge concerning it, I am nowhere close YET to finding the complete answer to this mystery.

If we are going to work together on this challenge, then I am also going to bring into our work one of my apprentices at the Temple who also has this challenge, for he and I have been working with heteroflexibility for many years now. In fact he has been my principle, although not only, source of knowledge gained thus far, and therefore by you and he exchanging notes I am sure we can learn a lot faster and a lot more.

And finally, my friend, I wish to commend you very highly for your courage! :) Well done!

With warm regards,