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Théun, THANK YOU for your books and the new Teaching Facility. This is my first letter to you, so let me describe a bit more about my life circumstances.

I'm 29 years old, married, have twins 14 months old. Ethnically, I'm Altaian (a small ethnic group in southern Siberia, Russia) and my wife is Russian. My father is a professional artist ( He is a very stubborn and charismatic man, but, at the same time, he has a naive and open heart. My mom is a calm and quiet person - among those few who can stand my dad for more than several days.

Since my early childhood, I love to be in mountains: at first, just following my dad, later as a climber, and now as a researcher. In the high mountains the air is thin, emotions are pure and strong, and death is a part of everyday life. My love of the mountains and inquisitive mind took me to a career in Geography. After several wonderful twists and turns along the way, I became a researcher at a U.S. university, studying glaciers and climate change in Central Asia (

I did not actively participate in the political and religious aspects of life. A few times with my parents I participated in shaman rituals, but they are a part of our Altaian culture. Basically, they are praising of the spirits of mountains and valleys. I interpret the rituals as paying respect to nature, but never got into shamanism.

I started my inner search during the first year at a university. In 1998-1999 I read Castaneda's books. During one evening walk in winter 2000, when I tried to shut off my internal dialog and just sense the world around me, I went into a bookstore and found "Return of the Warriors." I was filled with joy, admiration, and hope that lasted the next several years. However, while I was a student in Russia and U.S., I was not able to raise money for retreats in 2004 and 2007. Intellectual mind games and daily doings replaced my practice, and for the last two years I stopped trying to follow the Teachings. Until.......

I had a dream: I sleep in a tent. Suddenly, my body is filled with a force that wants to wake me up by lifting me into the air. A tornado starts outside my tent. But I insist on sleeping: Go away, leave me alone! After a few moments of struggle I woke up in my room at home. Several days later I saw the new The sign is vivid and clear: wake up and stand free or die in your madness.

But before I ask my question, let me share this. I find so much JOY in reading your replies! Your books are extremely profound and enlightening, but - my perception of them lacks that electric CHARGE I sense in your communications with apprentices. Sometimes, it is frightening, but when a particularly stubborn and rock-solid "thinker" drives you nuts, you REALLY push limits of my 'laughing' muscles! My fellow apprentices, I mean no disrespect. Being a certified "thinker," I humbly and proudly join your ranks :) .

Does mankind REALLY needs to study the global environmental change?

I have fought long and hard to have the relative freedom of a researcher to explore the mysteries of nature. At the same time, I do not want to spend my EVERYTHING on something of minor importance. My formal scientific training disagrees (and my heart deeply saddens) by strange things like, but after your communiqué 9 I started to question everything I thought I knew. If the approaching challenges will involve profound changes in our physical environment (huge temperature change, major atmosphere circulation shift, meteorite strike), I need to redirect my research focus that still largely stems from assumption of gradual change over the next 50-100 years. Or, maybe, I should just print a bunch of yellow flyers with Toltec Legacy link and brace myself for a biblical flood :) .

If you believe in the necessity of such research, I intend to launch a new collaborative website that would bring together our collaborators from a dozen different countries and, ultimately, change the way how we conduct research in Central Asia. As of today, scientists stand extremely divided. Everyone holds firmly to his tiny piece of puzzle that he "discovered." All those scientific meetings and peer reviewed journals primarily are tools in the war for grant money. Can we keep the edge of scientific competition and bring in the group consciousness? Whether I will succeed or not, it will be a huge challenge for me in intelligent cooperation bringing the Teachings into practice, as well as it will force me to learn the intricacies of my field. By this act I hope to express my gratitude and uphold your purpose.

May I visit you in the Temple at the end of July?

With all my warmth


Thank you for sharing with me, my friend, and allow me to bid you a most hearty welcome in our midst! It is a great pleasure to have you with us on this, as you can see, sometimes hilarious journey! LOL! Yes, you are right about the "thinkers" of this world. It really DOES drive me nuts when someone who CANNOT think STRAIGHT wishes to challenge me with some cockeyed assumption! LOL!

I love your father's artwork. I find his use of colour very inspirational. You may wish to tell him from me that what he paints looks very similar to what a seer sees when he aligns some of the worlds of the Tree of Life. So he is more intuitive than he perhaps realises. :)

What can I tell you about the global situation? Let me tell you at least SOME of what I foresee as a starting point for further discussion. But as you are a Geographical Researcher I will confine myself to nature only for now.

The Vegetable Kingdom upon our planet is in its own right THE most highly evolved life-form upon our planet. I say in its own right. I am not saying in COMPARISON to other life-forms. Nevertheless, the Vegetable Kingdom is so very highly evolved because it is the Spirit of Atl's gift to the Solar Being. You do not need to know the technical details surrounding this, for they are not important. What IS important is that man is busy plundering and destroying this life-form because of self-centred greed. This must STOP if we are not to experience a HUGE backlash sooner or later from the inorganic intelligences inhabiting, not only the Vegetable form, but also the physical planet itself. Realise that the physical planet, like our physical bodies, is an inorganic life-form. Inorganic life evolves by being of service to the organic life stream. In other words, by allowing themselves to be USED by the organic life stream for the purposes of evolving its own awareness, the inorganic life stream also evolves. I am sure you know, there is a VAST difference between being USED as opposed to being ABUSED!

The Spirit of Atl utilises for His purpose the inorganic life we term the physical planet. In other words, the physical planet IS a life-form, even though it is treated like shit by man! But how long can this abuse last without a backlash from the planet? And this will not be the first time such a backlash comes. In the last days of Atlantis the Black Brotherhood had SO upset the inorganic realm with their black arts that the planet revolted against them in the form of HUGE volcanic eruptions that resulted in not only great floods, but also in the sinking of Atlantis. We are today back at this SAME point within history, for the challenges from that time were NOT resolved, as we can clearly see today with the likes of the Old Sorcerers, the re-incarnations of the Black Brotherhood.

But today this challenge is made even WORSE because of where the Mineral Kingdom is at. The Mineral Kingdom belongs, strange as it may appear, to the organic life stream, and as such is currently preparing for a great initiation. From what Toltecs can see of this initiation it is to be an initiation through the process of Fire By Friction. What this means is that this great FOLLY of humanity in plundering the planet is going to be USED to bring about the necessary FRICTION within the Mineral Kingdom to bring about this initiation! Such is the Law of Economy at work, and such too is the Law of Harmony through Conflict. From what I can see within the Mineral Kingdom, is that the most aggressive of the minerals, namely the RADIO-ACTIVE elements, will LEAD this initiation. I am sure you can see the implications within this, yes?

So not only can we again expect huge volcanic activity, highly destructive earthquakes, wild fires and great floods, but this time round the volcanic eruptions MAY WELL also be radio-active!

In all of this we have "exciting" times to look forward to! LOL! But I am not worried! One way or another those of us who have SUFFICIENT knowledge, that is PERSONAL POWER, will find ways in which to survive the great and fearful challenges ahead of us. But there is also very little doubt that MILLIONS of people will die in the coming days. The physical planet will NO LONGER tolerate ABUSE from these low life-forms! By saying low life-forms I am NOT being derogatory! I am merely referring to the WILLFUL and DELIBERATE impediment of the evolution of awareness. To deliberately impede the evolution of awareness is a heinous crime, not only towards the planet, but also towards the Dreamers of Man, and therefore ultimately towards the Spirit of Man as well! The Black Brotherhood has most certainly brought us with our backs HARD up against the wall, and in this battle ahead of us we are going to be HARD pushed to survive. And it is clear for any seer to see that it is going to come down to the rule of the hunt, namely, only those FIT to survive will survive!

Gradual change over the next 50-100 years? No, my friend! I WISH we had so much time, but there is today EVERY indication within the web of life that the FINAL DAY of Retribution is upon us! It is now pay-back time, and pay we will! My own HOPE in all of this, and therefore my OWN rush against time, is NOT to save the world from the immanent physical catastrophes that are upon us, for it is TOO late for this, but instead my HOPE lies in waking up ENOUGH of humanity BEFORE the final day of reckoning, so that COLLECTIVELY we stand a CHANCE to SURVIVE the great and the fierce challenges ahead of us. More than this we have NO time for, and unless I can reach millions of people the world over SOON, which is my hope in launching the Game of Life, we will be TOO late even for this.

I am NOT wanting to sound like a prophet of doom, my friend, but humanity MUST wake up before it is altogether too late!

I wish to EN-COURAGE you to launch this new collaborative website of which you speak. DO what you CAN do, my friend, to help people wake up. If you CAN do this within the scientific field, then that is even better! There is HUGE NEED, my friend, for people like you to take ACTION! :)

It will be our pleasure to welcome you to the Temple of Peace at any time. Just write to Concierge and tell us when. :)

As the guidance you have called forth is of such a somber nature, I would like to share with you and your fellow apprentices a bit of humour found for us by Elizabeth whilst she was scratching around in some of our boxes that are not yet unpacked. But before I share this humour with you, I first want to share with you some of the daily folly at the Temple, and this folly concerns my Courier, Alexandros, and me. Whenever I need some informational input my Courier does one of two exceedingly STRANGE things, or at least to me they seem strange! He either spends HOURS scratching in any box he can find, or else he lies on the floor beneath the desk fiddling with his computer! But anyway, finally, and always without fail, when he does reappear from out of a box or from underneath the desk, he brings me EXACTLY the information I am needing! I tell you this baffles me no end! I have even tried to SEE what he finds under the desk or in a box, but each and every time I just draw a blank! LAMOF! I am a seer of no mean ability, but I simply CANNOT see what it is in a box or under the desk that brings to my Courier the knowledge I am seeking! LOL! And now for the promised humour! You and your fellow apprentices will find it in the database under the heading of "Humour, examples of." It will be the latest entry, therefore the last one in the list, for we will upload it this evening.

EN-JOY! <g>

With my warmest regards,