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Theun, how does one overcome an inferiority complex? I find that I feel small in a company of people that, in my perception, are more knowledgeable, wealthier etc, ad nauseum, than me.
Could this be from my upbringing (rural), race (black) or lack of what Englishmen call "good breeding"? Could it perhaps be that I am trying to be something that I am not. How do I find out what I AM?


LOL! My friend, you make me laugh because of your lovely childlike innocence. B-:)

Who cares that you were raised in the sticks, that you are black and ill-bred? LMAO! If it is of any consolation to you, I TOO was raised in the sticks, and even though I am white I was so ill-bred that when I fist arrived in a city I was the proverbial village idiot! LAMOF! And talk about an inferiority complex! Being the rural bumpkin I never STOPPED embarrassing myself. In fact, I only ever opened my mouth to change feet! SMT RATFL!

How did I change that? I changed it by working HARD upon the Warrior's Path! I know of no other way. If you find one, you will let me know, won't you? <wg>

Who are you? YOU, my friend, just like me and everyone else, is a MYSTERY waiting to be DIS-COVERED, and NOT a problem to be solved! So don't even TRY to be something you are not! Instead be REAL, be YOU! Welcome in our midst, my friend! I love you just for who you are, right here and right now, and NOT because of something you will be one day! B-:)

With all my warmth and laughter,
Your nagal and friend,

P.S. Now go and have a good laugh, together with the rest of your fellow apprentices. Go to the archive and look up "Stalker's Rule, the, original (humorous)." Then read it and don't forget to let your HAIR down whilst reading it! After this you will at least know whether you are a Stalker or a Dreamer! <ebwg>