Apathy, example of from Warriors' Experience

  • Apathy, example of


"MYSTERY waiting to be DIS-COVERED, and NOT a problem to be solved!"

Théun, what are the consequences if we just do nothing! Leave it to fate?

We continue to work on ourselves as dots making up the whole and involve ourselves in life supporting things because I am sure none of us would have sought to understand spirit or joined the legacy if we were not seekers or life supporting and wishing to counter some of the negativity, hatred and dislike currently in control of the world and in the world. With such a strongly predicted end of life as we know it (2012), we have already experienced mass deaths, climate change wars and diseases, it is daily life. Why set up businesses and groups? Surely we will just be with the group we are meant to be with and in the business we are supposed to be in. If we love, nothing can take that away. Our love touches all the ordinary people we come into contact with everyday. We go into the valley of death and fear no evil.

I assure you I am not despondent or depressed or having a bout of religious mania. LOL! I am laughing and fear no pain. I am just considering the value of going with the flow. Fighting to make what progress that I can.

Why not spend the last few years doing the best we can and facing the inevitable, the inevitable is the inevitable isn't it?

Lots of love


LOL! You can sit back and do nothing if you like. But I am a warrior of the Spirit, and as such I cannot just sit on my arse waiting for the inevitable to happen! Such thinking is incomprehensible to me. Fighting an impeccable battle is the only HONOURABLE way I know of in which to live! Warriors of the Spirit are committed to the Spirit of Atl, and whilst the Spirit of Atl is fighting there is absolutely NO way in which I can just sit back like a leech upon life! Furthermore, just because I am going to die some day, does this mean that I make no effort NOW whilst I am still alive? Do I just sit and vegetate, muttering sweet nothings in the EARS of people around me, and this in the name of love? NO!

And in any case, what is this crap about the inevitable surrounding 2012? The only thing we know about 2012 is that by then the world as we know it today is going to be VERY different to what we know it to be now. But none of us know exactly how. And what is inevitable is the Last Battle between the Sons of Mind (the Old Sorcerers) and the Sons of Man. I want to be PREPARED for that battle, my friend, and not wait for the Sons of Mind to cut me down whilst I am sitting squatting with my pants around my ankles! LOL! At least I want to fight like an IMPECCABLE and COURAGEOUS warrior! Being cut down like a sitting duck is not exactly an HONOURABLE way to die, if then I MUST die! But who SAYS we are going to die? I have no doubt that a GREAT many WILL die. But I don't intend to be one of those that are just waiting to die!

If I can be extremely ruthless, my friend, then I am going to say this:

The days to come, as the Christ predicted, are going to mark the separating of goats from the sheep! The Christ warned that when He comes again He brings with Him NOT peace, but the SWORD! And so when the Christ DOES come, and if He then should find me FIT to fight alongside Him, I wish to be the BEST goddamned warrior I can possibly be! I want to FIGHT with EVERY-THING I've got! And I will go to "the end of the earth and back again" if that is what Christ demands of me. But sit around waiting for fate to unfold? Not bloody likely!!!

With lots of love but with ZERO patience with apathetical thoughts,