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Aloha Theun and unit of warriors, I would like to initially give thanks to you for creating this website with all that it intends. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy looking through the book store trying to find a book that would teach me magic. The book that I was looking for wasn't the sleight of hand magic books that populated the magic section. The earliest book I purchased, closest to my desire, was called Creating Money and it spoke of visualizing your dreams and believing in yourself to the highest degree. I must have obtained this book when I was under ten, reading it for a short while realizing quickly that it was way over my head. Basically, thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing the Toltec Teachings. :)

I would like to give a brief synopsis of my heritage, so you can get a better feel of me. I was born to a father of Cuban descent and a mother who is half Puerto Rican and Italian. My great grandfather was the president of Cuba for a day or so, and most of my family on that side was extremely aristocratic. This lineage, as researched by my uncle in Spain, goes back to a northern province in Spain called Hevia, or at least that's what it is called now. LOL I am WHITE on that side of my family, but my other side is altogether a different kettle of fish. My mother's mom told us she was born in Argentina, of Italian decent, moving to New York at a young age. About eight years ago (when I was twenty) my grandmother was in the hospital, in critical condition, causing my uncle and mother to search her home for important documents when they stumbled upon her birth certificate from Puerto Rico! Up until this point, they didn't even know their island heritage. My grandma, being the mentally capable woman she was, held on long enough to give an answer to questions that arose in my mother's mind. Supposedly, instead of being raised in Argentina, she was dropped off by an Argentinean woman, fleeing political persecution, to a local "seer" in a village of Puerto Rico, to be raised. I picked up many of my beliefs from Santer­a, more so than from Catholicism, even though the magic displayed by Christ always left me in awe. My Italian grandfather was first generation Italian, from Bari, and he had connections to an "underground network" considering he was a loan shark - I never met him. My mother's side is a mystery to me except for her mother and two brothers.

I was born in Miami, Fl, living there most of the time until I moved to Hawaii, with my wife and three year old son, last July. Growing up my father gave me balance in spiritual pursuits contrasting my mother's demands on me with Catholicism. Eventually, he taught me a meditation technique learned in India, and called the knowledge, which brought the practitioner to the divine light and sound - not once did I experience that considering my mind's internal dialogue.

Over the last four years, I endured a nightmare of my own making that took the form of a never-ending allergy attack (everyday with varying degrees of intensity). A year ago, my wife's co-worker gave me Shadows of Wolf Fire knowing I had previously read A Separate Reality, and also hearing of my challenges. Once I started reading it I knew that it was exactly what I needed in order to take life back into my own hands and shape reality into a beautiful gift that I had forgotten about. Just so you know, I got half way in volume V, put it down, and proceeded to purchase the initial books to get better acquainted with the teachings.

I have one question: should I leave Oahu considering the fact that one of the most active volcanoes in the world is on big island and I regularly receive volcanic fumes from it - the fumes are no problem when they are not RADIO-ACTIVE.
My heartfelt thanks,

p.s. I WILL be of service to the ONE life. This has always been MY DREAM. B-:)


My friend, in answer to your question, I would like to ask YOU a question. LOL! Where will you move to? There is no place left in the world that is entirely safe! So I suggest you stay where you are and, like all of us, take your chances with a volcano! LOL! The only areas which we KNOW for a fact are NOT safe, are the ones I mentioned in a previous email. But even here we do NOT know the timing, as I stated. These places could be safe for another 50 years, or they could go poof tomorrow! None of us can see this for sure. Furthermore, please remember that I stated that volcanoes MAY become radio-active! I did NOT say they WILL become radio-active. The Mineral Kingdom WILL use radio-activity in its initiation, but to date we cannot see HOW exactly this will take place!

With warm regards,