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Théun, as a result of my recent response in regards to service and my backpedaling in the form of later adding conditions and limitations, as you pointed out, I have some observations to share. You had also mentioned earlier that I was for sure a dreamer and this has ignited some questions.

In the backpedaling example, I have identified a pattern that has been repeated throughout my life. In fact just two days before your reply, my son had asked for money to attend an event at school and I agreed to give it. Later, I tried to change the agreement to one where he would have to earn the money. The sky opened up and there was thunder and lightning and many hurt feelings, but at the time, I was not able to see that any of the storm was caused by me, LAMOF!! Now, after absorbing your reflection back to me, I can see that I acted the same way with my son as in my backpedaling with you. And it goes further with my wife, other children, and past bosses as well. I do not believe that I would have seen this had it not been for you pointing it out, for I had built up a pretty good defense over the years.

My attempt to identify the process through writing in my journal is as follows:

1- I Don't know what I really want (default state of un-awareness)
2- A choice presents itself through someone or an event (sets me up as victim)
3- Gosh, I kind of like to go this way, and make choice or commitment (dreaming)
4- After time some consequences become evident (caught!)
5- At this point there are two options:
A- I stay with the commitment and become resentful or less committed
B- I decide to change the content of the commitment

Either choice results in a loss of energy and serves to drain any personal power I may have accumulated through study or other efforts. The consequences of my "commitments" also have a negative effect on the people that are closest to me. The point is clear, that I REALLY NEED TO WORK ON THIS!! I suspect that the bulk of my work lies in the process of recapitulation and keeping up with a daily entry in my journal. So that is my effort for now.

In looking into the dreamer question, I was really touched after reading the the Long Lost Dreamer's Rule. It was a direct hit. After reading that, I also realize that I am a dreamer. I say that with mixed feelings as I associate dreaming with being weak or an ideal victim, and here is where my question lies.

A predilection, being an established preference, implies that both the dreamer and the stalker approach the teachings differently. I need some guidance here, for, as I said above, the first place my conditioning takes me is that, by being a dreamer, I am cursed with being a weak victim! LOL !! Also, I am confused by the dreamer described as "the awareness of the spirit" in contrast to the predilection of being a dreamer. Are these the same dreamer?

With all my love


My friend, I am not going to answer all your questions because some of these are already answered in the archive.

But first I must check, just for clarity. You did not REALLY take the Long Lost Dreamer's Rule seriously, did you? LOL! It was a piece of nonsense that Russell and I cooked up for everyone's amusement, as was the so-called Original Stalker's Rule. LOL!

You take the word predilection at its face value. The way in which Toltecs define words is NOT always the same as the accepted dictionary definitions. Instead Toltecs tend to work with the ETYMOLOGY of words, and NOT with their accepted and normal definitions according to people's perception of what words mean. So when Toltecs speak about predilection they are NOT talking about personal preference. Instead we are referring to the PREDILECTION of the TRUE Self, namely, the Dreamer, or the re-incarnating ego, if you prefer. And this is determined by the NEEDS within any one particular incarnation. So if you need to learn to stalk you incarnate as a Stalker, and if you need to learn dreaming, then you incarnate as a Dreamer.

Although within a Toltec unit there is always MUCH good-natured bantering and teasing going on between Dreamers and Stalkers, there is NO such thing as one being superior to the other. Even at the Temple of Peace the Stalkers and the Dreamers are forever busy teasing one another! LOL! The Stalkers maintain that Dreamers are forever getting lost in lala land, whilst the Dreamers accuse the Stalkers of being bullies! LOL! But the truth of the matter is that Life revolves around BOTH Dreaming AND Stalking. But you really SHOULD familiarise yourself with the teachings before asking questions such as these, for the teachings explain it all very, VERY carefully!

The Dreamer that is the awareness of the nagal is NOT the same as a Dreamer in terms of predilection. The Dreamer that is the nagal's awareness is what is known in most esoteric teachings as the re-incarnating ego, or the Higher Self etc. But once again this is explained clearly in the teachings. The REASON why the nagal's awareness is termed the Dreamer, is because the re-incarnating IS involved in eternal dreaming, the dream of the Unspeakable. And hence statements like learning to "dream true to the One Purpose" and learning to "dream in." TRUE dreaming is an almighty POWER-FULL SCIENCE, not ART, but SCIENCE. Dreaming has got everything to DO with INTENT, whereas stalking has got everything to DO with the ACT OF PERCEPTION. And this is why apprentices are taught BOTH techniques.

My friend, I am NOT being unkind to you, but you must realise that I simply do NOT have the time to answer questions that are spelled out in the books or in the archive! And this goes not just for you, but for ALL your fellow apprentices.

With all my love,