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  • MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time)


Théun, if I'm not a fool, who is?! LOL.

Is there a representative of jewel 0?


:) You are a complete nut case, but you nevertheless make me laugh. LOL!

The jewel ZERO represents ABSOLUTE POTENTIAL, the source of NO-THING. It is pure POTENTIAL. As such no man or woman can ever embody this. LOL! Toltecs acknowledge (0) as being the vibration of the NO-THING that is the spirit, the nagal, the Unspeakable. It is literally NO-THING, neither day nor night, neither good nor evil, neither positive nor negative, neither male nor female, neither proton nor electron. Whatever you can give a name to, it is NOT. Whatever you can conceive of, it is Not! It is NO-THING! This is how the ZERO exists within cosmology.

The ZERO in numerology has much the same function as in cosmology. It represents ABSOLUTE POTENTIAL, and therefore can be placed at either the beginning of the Tarot as Card 0, or at the end of the Tarot as the last card having NO number. We can do this because it represents the CIRCLE that has neither BEGINNING nor END. All the other cards within the Tarot Trumps are different MANIFESTATIONS of ABSOLUTE POTENTIAL, whereas the Minor Arcana are different manifestations of the four directions within which the Major Arcana, the trumps, are ACTIVE, namely, MEST.

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