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Théun, thank you for your "call to service" guidance in our last communication.

I feel grateful about the fact that you invest so much of your precious time and energy to all of us and I hope I can stand up to that responsibility.

I come back to the issue of turning our attention to starting a financially viable business in order to raise the funds involved in developing theGame of Life.

I would like to inform you that I have already started collecting material from projects on virtual communities, collaborative learning networks and the so called "serious" games, i.e. games for collaborative learning. I am also in discussion with some colleagues from the top European Business School in Europe that have developed simulation games, which not only facilitate collaborative learning but operate as expert systems.

I have a number of colleagues and friends throughout Europe from Businessand academia working in these areas and I am collecting relevant papers,guides and best practices for designing, marketing and establishing suchcommunities. I therefore hope I can be of service on marketing and business development on Game of Life and thus use my professional experience in our purpose.

However, the only information I have with regard to the Game of Life comes from the relevant Communiqués, so I believe that it would be much better to have a better overview of what the Game of Life will entail. So itlooks like my visit to the Temple will have to be re-scheduled for the first week of July which is a good period, at least for me.

If it is also for you and you also believe that this visit can be beneficial towards our purpose, I hope we can find the time to discuss the practical details.

Meanwhile, I will keep my work on the subject by trusting my feelings on what the Game of Life would eventually look like.

With Warm Regards
Your apprentice


Thank you for sharing, and also for your willingness to help with the Game of Life. What you are proposing sounds most interesting, and I would love to hear more. But, yes, although I will give you a very BRIEF synopsis of the game below, it would be best if you and I can talk through all the details in person, for it is WAY too long to discuss via email. However, as you have subsequently realised, the Temple of Peace is closed between 15. 06. 2009 and 15. 07. 2009. So any time after that will be fine.

The Game of Life is all about life, and hence its name. When I first conceived the Game of Life it was for me very much a stalking manoeuvre through which I will be able to stalk humanity into firstly, embracing the Toltec teachings because of having been hooked by the game; and secondly, recognising the Toltec teachings as being its heritage. However, although the game will STILL serve this purpose, I now also know that this will be the best way in which I can motivate a very large
number of people the world over into learning HOW to fight for their future and how to create a better world for all of us. Because computer games are so popular, the Game of Life has the potential of reaching millions of people the world over and, most importantly, also those generations that have become lost due to the very bad educational systems in the world. In all of this I intend to build a COMMUNITY of people through the internet, that all have one COMMON purpose, namely,
to fight against the Sons of Mind through the medium of the game.

This will also lead to Adrian and I being able to start a totally new form of internet, for which Adrian has the technical know-how, and which will enable the COMMUNITY to work unfettered by any laws which could be passed by the Old Sorcerers concerning the use of the current internet. It will also enable us to SHOW people how to become self-sufficient, even in terms of something like the internet. In all of this, realise that IF the game is successful, Big Brother, the agent of the Old Sorcerers, will begin to see the Game of Life as being an unlawful game inciting civil unrest, civil lawlessness and terrorism! LOL! I say this because the players of the game will be EN-COURAGED to play the game out
in REAL life, in terms of what they learn by playing the game on the internet and by sharing with one another their knowledge. An example of what I mean by this is the current issue surrounding the subscriptions fees for Toltec Legacy. In order to pay your subscriptions you have all been encouraged to take a stand for your rights, and to fight the banking systems on their unjust practices. This is merely a very SMALL example of what CAN be done once we have enough players around the world
with one COMMON cause! :)

I am scripting the game in various levels of complexity demanding an ever greater skill at being able to apply the teachings. So Level One is the easiest level, in which the player is introduced to the most
fundamental and rudimentary aspects of the teachings. This level also does not require having to take any REAL action within the world around one. As such it is simply a very enticing, exciting, interesting and fun level to play. It acts as bait with which to trap the attention of the player, and also opens the player up to possibilities never before contemplated. It also introduces the concept of the Old Sorcerers and the Sons of Mind, and what this means to all of us. As I have already said, it is very much a stalking manoeuvre, and also a training ground for what follows on from there.

Level Two will take the players to a more in-depth knowledge of the teachings and also introduce them to the concept of taking action, and what this means and entails. From there the levels keep becoming ever more complex and demanding, for at some stage, in order to keep playing the game, the players will be forced into starting to take REAL action in the world so as to learn from experience and the results achieved.

In all of the above I will not be forcing the teachings upon anyone, for the game is open to everyone wanting to play it, whether they are at this point interested in the teachings or not. The way I will do this is by giving players access to the database of Toltec Legacy when they buy the game. This will be necessary for them in order to find the clues they need in playing the game. Needless to say, sooner or later the players will have become hooked and will want my personal guidance on how BEST to play the game, in which case they will then have to subscribe to Toltec Legacy, for having access to the database does not allow them access to the Living Room, and neither will it grant them access to personal guidance from me.

The other bait I am using in writing the Game of Life, is that the whole game is being developed as a virtual 3-D world. Level One is centred around the Tree of Life. But already from Level One the game will also include a castle called Dragon Enclave, and it is within Dragon Enclave that sits what you now know as Toltec legacy. In other words, once we develop Level One you will no longer approach Toltec Legacy the way in which you do now. Instead, once through the gateway, an Eagle and the two griffins will fly you to the front gates of the castle. From there you will navigate your way through the inner courtyard using your mouse, to the front door. Upon entering the castle you will continue to
navigate your way around the castle using your mouse. Everything will be in 3-D, including your Study and what is now the Living Room. It is by navigating your way through the castle and its courtyards and gardens that you will at RANDOM encounter the cues and the clues you need in order to play the game. The random feature will be like encountering your fleeting moment of chance. If you miss it, or mess it up, you will have to wait until it presents itself again. LOL! This will foster within the player several disciplines, like for example, paying attention by being wide awake, the art of listening, keeping a journal, knowing the dream symbols by heart, not taking things at face value, etc. etc. etc.

So those of you who are subscribers, will automatically gain access to the Game of Life, and it will become very much part of your learning as well as your training in becoming warriors. Needless to say, it will also enable you to LEARN how best to be of service to the world. :)

Throughout the game I will also be making use of sound effects and music, for this is most important for the development of sensitivity to the teachings for the left side.

This is a very brief synopsis.

I have also been asked how many levels there will be? LOL! My commitment in writing the Game of Life is that I will continue to write new levels until I die, or until the game has served its purpose in bringing to birth a new and a better world for all of us. :) However, at the rate at which wanna-be nagals are appearing on Toltec Legacy I may just be lucky enough to be able to retire form teaching altogether and focus only on writing the Game of Life! LOL!

With warm regards,