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Theun, I have to confess! I love this game! :) When I submitted my lastmessage at the Living Room about direction and predilection and saw it on the monitor I couldn't help but wonder: No.252 1 June 2009 18:18. Even such ignoramus in Numerology as me could see these nasty numbers: 9..18..18..18..

Actually I was almost sure that my Toltec quest is finished. Title of nagal was something ridiculous to me when I looked at myself. Resistant. Unimpeccable. Lazy. When my son was born almost two months ago I thought: "Now I'm a family man. That's it. And that's all." But it seems that this is not a finish. :)

I don't really know what I was looking for when I joined The Toltec Legacy. Official (but not final) version was that I just wanted to support your mission at least with annual subscription fee. I didn't want to ask youfor guidance, because I got plenty of them before, but all were wasted by my resistance. But your message at Communiqué 23 woke something inside me. I asked myself: "Am I really afraid to learn something new about myself?" And suddenly I realised that I have not this fear anymore. I am not afraid that this new knowledge will force me to do something I don't like to do.

Theun, help me, please. Do you have any idea why this bloody Umfaan againand again intrudes into your life? What is the force bringing me back after your words that our paths are splitting, after heartfelt "Fuck you, friend!" that I heard at Montserrat from people I used to love. It was painful. But again and again I'm coming back. What is going on with me? Why? Please, give me at least a hint.

Anyway I really like this mystery. And I really miss you and Russell. Youare the warmest men I've ever met. Maybe this is also the part of the answer. :)

With much love and big hug


:) Well, I suppose this means that you are finally beginning to acknowledge that NONE of us can escape our fates! LOL! But I will give you credit for the fact that both you and my successor were quite THE most determined men I have ever met! And I am not even talking about all the other nagals that also took to the hills after finding out they are nagal! LOL! But come hell or high water, you and my successor worked HARD at trying to escape your fates as nagal! The others just vanished! LOL! But somehow I always felt this was a great shame and a great waste, for there are so MANY men who LONG to be nagal! The fact that you both ran away from being nagal, I can understand, but just think for a moment! Had you and my successor had a business BRAIN in your heads you would have auctioned your fates on ebay for a LOT of money! LMAO! But, not all is lost yet! Even now on Toltec Legacy there is one of your fellow apprentices that will give ANYTHING to be a three-pronged nagal! <ww> So make him an offer he cannot resist! <ebwg>

You ask why you keep being drawn back to me? How the hell am I supposed to know that? YOU are the one being drawn to ME! Not the other way round! RATFL! By the way, what has happened to that truly warm and wonderful Courier of yours? I miss him! :) And.......well, if I am going to be honest, it is also good to have you back! <w> Whether you are ever going to DO something about being nagal, I have absolutely NO idea! But at least it is good speaking to a very loved friend once again! :)

With all my love and warmth,