Folly, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Folly, examples of


Theun, it's amazing. The pressure is gone. And what I asked guidance for in the last mail seems now to have its cause in my mind playing tricks with my self-importance and self-pitty. :)

Phew, its no use to project this kind of anxiety and accompaning rationalisations into what I perceive here on Toltec Legacy. The roots are somewhere else, - and the best thing to handle the effects seems to let the dead bury their dead. What use are behaviour patterns stemming from hurt feelings in childhood and adolescence today? Let's just get over it!

This does not mean that social circumstances here are a "save heaven" without the efforts of all involved, but the problem of micro effects from grand scale social experimentation gone awry can only be tackled with thinking that is not hindered by personal shortcomings.

I guess I caught up with the guidance. Thank you very much.

Maybe you can save the time of composing a written answer.


Your email above came in just as I was sending you my previous response. So either you learn VERY quickly, or you had already started to see your folly even before my response! LOL! Good for you!

With much warmth and laughter,