Psychosis, early stages of from Warriors' Experience

  • Psychosis, early stages of


Théeun, no, I'm not psychotic. No, I don't do drugs. When I interact with you my heart beats faster. I feel a pressure on the bridge of my nose and I experience vision changes. Those changes include changes in light intensity and sometimes my vision becomes very, very clear. It can be very disconcerting because with it often comes an inability to think effectively, if at all.

After each progressive retreat, for the first few weeks after returning home, I would become more and more irrational. So much so that after the last retreat, I truly did fear for my sanity. It wasn't that I was wanting to turn my back on you but I felt that I had to stop none-the-less. I really don't know where to go from here to start working on this with you but this is undoubtedly why I am here.


This is exactly what I am worried about, my friend. Your reactions towards me are just not normal, and we need to find out why, for unless we can, and unless there is an antidote to it, you are better off in NOT working with me.

I am going to have you reinstated in the Living Room, and I would like you to interact with your fellow apprentices as often as you can. I am going to be honest with you, this is so that I can observe you with people who do NOT have this weird effect on you. Okay? :) And in this I NEED your co-operation, for I am still not discounting the possibility of psychosis. I say this because in the early stages of psychosis the person concerned is unaware of it. But even if this does turn out to be a form of early psychosis, do not worry! I have through the years nursed other psychotics back to health, even advanced cases. :) You just need to co-operate with me instead of fighting against me.

With much warmth for a strange man,