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  • Impotence, cause of


Théun, thank for your detailed guidance. I always loved and enjoyed what I do, but after your encouragement I start to feel wings :) .

The same feeling, however, brings a grave danger. With that small fraction of sobriety I managed to achieve, I afraid that I bring more destruction than love and creation. Is this a direct consequence of me not practicing Active Dreaming? Maybe it is just my laziness, but the right side teachings are very appealing and, well, rational. The nature of my work requires to be very sharp and practical.

If I shift my focus more to the left side teachings (I can think of only Active Dreaming now), will it ensure that all my actions will be life-supportive?

Well, all this business of trying to reach to the Unknown is very ... strange. There are no markers or clear hints. I even not sure that I started from the right end. Is ALL of this happens to me just because my mind is back again?

With regards to the Living Room, am I on the right track?

Your somewhat worried apprentice


LOL! I think I am going to give you the nickname of Mr. Worry! All my favourite apprentices get a nickname sooner or later!

Why are you NOT practising active dreaming? Hmmmmmm? And don't give any bullshit about having to be practical in your work!

And yes, you WILL become much more life-supportive in your actions, physical, emotional and mental once you start to LIVE the teachings for the LEFT side, for these are the teachings pertaining to the heart. As a male this is of VITAL importance to you, for the male IS a representation of the Heart. So, quite frankly, if you are living in the MIND you are more female than male! LOL!

"Well, all this business of trying to reach to the Unknown is very ... strange. There are no markers or clear hints."

Bullshit! Do you have to be TAUGHT how to get an erection, you dickhead? Excuse the pun! <w> No! Of course not! And so it is with listening to and then following the heart! It comes NATURALLY when you STOP identifying with the mind! And I MEAN this. Do you know that the greatest cause of impotency in men is due to excessive rationalisation? This is why Elizabeth and I coined the phrase "analysis paralyisis!" LOL!

With regard to the Living Room, yes, you are doing very well! B-:) And your actions there make me feel proud of having you next to me on the battlefield.

With much warmth and laughter,