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  • Nagal, a, blow from, examples of


"If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter."
T.S. Eliot

Théun, I am enjoying seeking out all the quotes and reading all the aphorisms on the new websites and on twitter.

Thank you for your answers; they always interest and enlighten me. Everybody and everything comes into my life as a challenge. Why do I create or invite these challenges? I deal with them, recapitulate and move on. I know myself better than anybody and I am learning more. But the more I read about southern dreamers the less it feels like me in terms of number and personality type. I am trying to work out why it doesn't feel right? I love the sun regardless. I loved it even when I believed that I was a western stalker. Maybe it will feel more right when I succeed totally in the meditation techniques. No doubt you have got a view on this?


My view on this is, firstly, that I do not enjoy your CARE-LESS-NESS. I have gone to great lengths in the books, and here on Toltec Legacy, to present to you your legacy as impeccably and as accurately as I can. I therefore see it as utter disrespect to me, to your heritage and to yourself, that you cannot even bother to write Southerly Dreamer as it should be written. Instead in your laziness, or is it your IGNORANCE, you choose to write it as "southern dreamers,"and this all in the lower case, meaning that it is not WORTHY or NOTABLE.

Secondly, you state that you know yourself better than anybody. I acknowledge this, and I do so FULLY, for I must assume that you are adult enough, responsible enough and also literate enough to MEAN what you say, instead of just flapping your tongue idly. From this it stands to reason that when you say, "the more I read about southern dreamers the less it feels like me in terms of number and personality type," what you are implying is that you DO know yourself, in which case you are what is, technically speaking, called a Self-realised individual. So why then do you state, "I am trying to work out why it doesn't feel right?"

Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps you only know your behaviour, but that you stupidly see this as being your Self? And don't talk to me about feelings in the way you have just done in this email. FEELINGS, my dear friend, do not lead you into writing crap!

I have nothing to offer Self-realised individuals, and neither has Toltec legacy. Self-realised individuals do not need me or Toltec Legacy. Instead I work with people who are trying to get to know themselves. But it is also extremely difficult to converse with people who are not literate even in their own mother tongue!